Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Here we go

So who remembers this blog?

a lot of things happened to me since the last post.

I finally got the hell out of Pennsatucky, PA and moved out to NYC to work in film and audio. I have been working like crazy doing studio recordings, making lots of beats, DJing clubs, doing audio work in movies, all kinds of shit. Lifes been crazy for a while so blogging hasnt really been on my top priorities. But Im finally settling into being a New Yorker have the urge to share my taste in music, production, other useless trivia to the blogosphere once again. Its been a long time and lots of things have changed, but I think this will be a good time. Just give me a few posts to somewhat re-learn the wheel on how this blogger shit breaks down. I dont have any clue about half this shit anymore.

The Low End Theory is getting its grown man on.

To start things out I have some "Im back, motherfucker!" music for you.

Bush Babees - Remember We

Peter Rock and CL Smooth - Back on the block (Thes One Remix)

Das EFX - I shine