Sunday, January 15, 2006

Top 10 List of Stuff I Want To See Happen & Also Go Away in 2006

What the deal people? I'm back with another blog post. On this installment I'd like to speak on some things that simply NEED to happen this year and also reflect on some shit that NEEDS to F'N stop. Drum roll please...........

10. I prefer my hip-hop with 50 perCENT less beef

Ok, I'll admit it's humorous at times, but this dude is ridiculous with this. We've seen just about everything the past few years:
**We had the annoying beef with Ja Rule (that no one really cared about)...
**the Jada & Fat Joe beef aka (Double Cheeseburger Beef) both of which 50 can't compete with lyrically...
**The "when will this ever go away" beef with Game (I'm kind of happy about that one happening cause I'd rather see Game on his own anyway)...
**beef with Nas (I wish Nasty Nas would just "Ether" him already)...
**one of his latest is with singer Robbie Williams. WTF??! I don't know what to say about that one...
**even his own family members (doesn't really surprise me)
**and lastly (for now), the next on going beef would most likely be with the Dipset (especially with the signing of Murder? Mase to the G-Unit)
Fiddy needs to spend less time worrying about who he's not going to like next and more time on making better records-

9. Burn the white tees

I'm not sure who came up with the idea that the giant sized t-shirt a.k.a. man dress was a good look. Oh and they definitely look even sillier on short dudes. I'm hoping this one goes away in '06. For fuck's sake they even made an equally bad song about it.

8. Dr. Dre.....Detox PLEASE!

Ok Doc, It's been long enough. I know you have plenty of hot beats and plenty of emcees that want to be on your next album. For all I know the shit might already be done or at least partially finished. The bottom line is the people, no matter if it's East, West, South, or anywhere in between, want this to be released. Just one request: Please go light on the G-Unit and heavy on the real West Coast cats that will help make the album sound the way it should.

7. More well known rappers tapping into quality "undergound" producers

The best example of this would be the upcoming Ghostface album, "Fishscale" on Def Jam (latest release date Feb 28th). We've already heard the first single, the Pete Rock produced "Be Easy," which is a dope way to start it off. How bout this lineup: a few joints by MF Doom, and at least a track or two from Madlib and J. Dilla. Who knows what other surprises P. Tone will have in store. Can't wait to hear it! Another example: I would also like to give Jay props for bringing the much deserved 9th Wonder into the mainstream scene.

6. Chapelle's Show - The lost episodes

It would truly be a celebration....bitches (I just had to). According to, the 3rd season is supposed to be airing at some point. I surely hope it does. There is not enough good comedy out there. We need as much Chappelle as possible.

5. Some long overdue albums that hip hop needs

First, there's more signs that the new Redman album is FINALLY coming out in '06. We just have to hope Funk Doc makes an album the way he wants to and that his fans want to hear. He's always on point with the rhymes but we need production like the "Muddy Waters" days. I can understand if he has to put 1 or 2 club joints on there but we need grimey Redman to make his return. Next... Talib Kweli needs to get together with Hi-Tek and give us another Reflection Eternal album. Their chemistry has always been wonderful, from back in the Lyricist Lounge and Soundbombing days right through to "Train of Thought" (which is one of my favs of all time). I'd also ask for another Black Star album but I know that's too far fetched with Mos Def more concerned about trying to win an
Oscar than a Grammy. Last for this one would be the major label debut on Atlantic for Apathy. Atlantic made a huge move by putting out the Little Brother album (one of my favs of '05), but they have been stalling for quite too long with the major-label debut from Ap, "The Bearer of Bad News." This cat has put out many dope 12"s over the past several years and some indie releases that have not disappointed. He would definitely bring something different to the most of the garbage that the majors mainly put out. Check his myspace page

4. No more Chopping or Screwing of any kind

I don't get it and never will. I can understand if it's part of the South style these days to have slower beats than normal....sometimes they work. This method was developed by the late DJ Screw but then really brought into the mainstream by another Houston dj, Michael Watts. As far as bringing the pitch on the turntable all the way down and then occasionally doubling up the records for the repeat effect....I don't see the creativeness or skill involved. The past year was filled with special chopped & screwed versions of Mike Jones (Mike Jones, Mike Jones, he's Mike Jooones), Ying Yang Twins, Three 6 Mafia, etc... Are people really buying this stuff??? Unless the senior citizen population is in need of rap music that's so damn slow even they can dance to it, please let there be an end to this nonsense.

3. The only thing more horrible than the passing of ODB is how long it's taking Dame Dash to release his album

Early reviews I read of this were very positive. I don't know what kind of problems Dame Dash is having with his Damon Dash Music Group, but I haven't heard a word or single in a while. There have been about 6 Biggie & 12 Tupac posthumous releases, but we cannot get one official Ol' Dirty album that he at least recorded while still alive??? So what I'm a native Staten Islander and my love for the Wu is insane...the fact of the matter is you can't deny this cat was one of the most unique, charismatic, crazy, and ill mother fuckers to hold a mic. He deserves better than this.

2. The Next Nas Album

If you have been following Nas since the classic Illmatic like me, you know ever since that gem he has not exactly been an expert at picking the best team of producers on his next 6 albums. Don't get me wrong, there have been several dope songs and the majority have been good albums...but every release after his debut was lacking something. It was never in his rhymes. In my book Nasty Nas is one of the top 3 emcees in the history of hip-hop. It's just there has always been a handful of cuts on most of the albums that made you think..this shit could have been produced much better or this track doesn't really fit the album. I have to admit I still do not own Nastradamus....but I DO own Nastradoomus (which is a remix of the album by MF Doom that is much better than the need to peep that!) This is also is the same reason beatsmith 9th Wonder flipped the God's Son album with his own beats (another must own). With all that said what will the future hold? Here's how I want it to turn out.... He doesn't need to over-do it with the amount of songs on the album. 12 would be just fine, but no more than 14. Here's my picks for producers and a short reason why:

The most obvious--DJ Premier. If you look at Nas's career starting with Illmatic, almost always the hottest song on the album would be Premo's. These two have an amazing chemistry. So, I want at least 4 tracks from Premier. Next I'd need to see 2 Pete Rock joints. Some of the best songs over the first two albums were definitely coming from the legendary Soul Brotha #1. Keepin' it with the older cats I'd have to give 1 to Large Professor, who is another reason why Illmatic is a classic. Now getting into the new generation...without a doubt 9th Wonder would have to provide 2 beats. The proof here lies within 9th's history thus far as well as that God's Stepson album. Next would be 2 tracks from Salaam Remi. This dude isn't necessarily one of my favorite producers but it's almost a given that Nas would go to him for a beat or two. He has supplied some of the best production for Nas over the past few albums [see "Made You Look" & "What Goes Around (Poison)"]. He's pretty nice producer but he doesn't make beats for hardly anyone but Nas. I'd have to finish off the list with 1 track from Kanye West. You know there is a possibility this can happen especially with Nas being featured on Late Registration combined with him making up with Jay-Z. I know Mr. West would make a dope beat for him cause Kanye is a genius like that. If there had to be a couple more tracks I'd say he would have to look to another from Large Pro, Premier, or maybe one from L.E.S. We all have to accept at this point there will not be another Illmatic...but with the list I got goin' on here it would come pretty damn close.

And for the #1 thing I want in 2006.....

1. This Bullshit "War" To End

This motherfuckin unecessary oil war must end this year...sooner than later. Our dumb fuck of a president needs to stop sending more innocent people to their death for no good reason. It makes me sick.

There you have it people. I hope you found this interesting or it got you thinking. Please leave your comments on anything you've read here or something you would like to add to the list. Oh and make sure you add this site to your favorites list.

A few good site links:

The best hip-hop lyrics site out there

A nicely done site with hip-hop from the mainstream to the underground, including new songs, reviews, news, etc. HIPHOP

A lot of dope shit to buy THE GIANT

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Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Can you feel it...LORD DIGGA

What is good all? I wanna thank evil bee for getting down with the team. I think hes gonna work out well. So stay tuned for more posts from dude. Please check out our myspaces, haze, evilbee, to check out what we got going on.

Todays post though is gonna be on Lord Digga. Now i dont know alot about digga, just that he was in Masta Ace's camp, Masta Ace Inc. (which contained members, Paula Perry, and DJ Steady Pace) and did mad production for Ace. Digga originally hails from LA and is Ace's cousin. As ace even busts in one song, "One fine spring, in the middle of May, my cousin Jerome flew in from LA..." Digga comes down for a summer and does mad production, bringing out the gritty boombap, and laying some ill lyrics down all over Aces 3rd release, Sittin' On Chrome. He was featured real quick on Ace's 2nd album Slaugta House, but he really shined on Sittin. Back then Digga was part of the production team the Bluez Brothaz and did heat for mad groups. Digga then in the mid 90's did his own releases, and made a small indie comeback. I think in for doing a couple of singles with Game Records. Most recently Ive heard him on a 7L and Esoteric track, called Way Of The Gun. Digga is just one of those rugged gritty early nyc rappers that just made the jazziest beats Ive heard in a minute. You can tell he started puffin mad heavy in the mid 90s cause he steered somewhat away from the gruff hardcore rhymes, the crazy drunken style, and got more into the mellower jazzy shit. My kinds of shit. So with that here is some digga joints that spanned of the course of his career. (i wrote out all this shit bout each track, took me like 1 hour to do, but firefox crashed so all i got is this right here. And im salty, so MYYYYYY BADDDDDDD) Peace

can you feel it
sacks 5th ave
My Flows Is Tight
East Bound - Master Ace Inc.
Who You Rolling With
Brooklyn Zoo (clean digga remix)- Odb


Dangerdoom video for A.T.H.F

Ice cube's Rap school (some coooorrnnnyyyy sheet)
Takeaway Breaks (just a dope list of classic breakbeats with audio snippets)
Beef 2 excerpt with em dissing the source and benzinos gay ass
Making Beats: The Art of Sample Based Hip Hop.pdf file
Boondocks Episode 8
Lou Rawls RIP

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Saturday, January 07, 2006

"New" Biggie Album & Busa Bus

What up people. It's Evil Bee, dj extraordinaire, with my first post on this dope site. Thanx Haze...good to be on board!

Biggie must be turning in his grave with this "Duets" album that recently came out. Some of the stuff on there I can see releasing (collabos with Jay-Z, Faith Evans, Nas, Mary J, Pac)...but puttin dudes that BIG probably never knew existed or were in elementary school when he was alive such as Smelly Nelly, Juelz Santana, Lil Wayne??, Freeway, Slim Thug, and for Christ's sake, Big Gee????!! It's disrespect in my eyes. When he was with us he didn't just colaborate with anybody. Was there not another way than this that Diddy could make more money??

Oh, and while I'm at it, how money hungry is Busta right now to do the remix of that awful garbage "Laffy Taffy" bullshit?! This cat came out with two strong singles for the new Aftermath debut ("Where's Your Money" f/ Ol' Dirty & "Touch It") and then I hear this shit. We have to pray he's not going to include those D4L rejects on his new album. Fuck anybody who calls themselves a hip-hop fan and supports that song. Okay, I'm done...for now.

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Friday, January 06, 2006

Bring the horns....STEZO

Now im not really up on hip hops middle school like that late 80's era shit. I was too young. I mean i bumped the popular shit like PE and Run DMC but I wasnt a hip hop nerd like I am now. Tonight imma talk about a dude that hailed from that era and is straight up rugged as fuck.But on the same hand, son was shady as a motherfucker. Stezo started out as a back up dancer for EPMD on there Strictly Business Tour back in 88. This was one of the biggest tours in hip hop history and he actually got kicked off of it due to beefing with Parrish Smith. Now this isnt what made Stezo famous in the hip hop community. Stezo is actually creditied with having the first recording to use the Skull Snaps break, Its a New Day. This joint has been sampled to death thru out the 90's by all kinds of motherfuckers. From Alanis Morrissete, Das Efx, Prodigy,Grave Diggerz, MF DOOM, Onyx, Pharcyde, Heavy D, Craig Mack, Lords of the Underground, shit the list goes on. This is one of the most popular and funkiest breakbeats out there. Now there is a little contreversoy though about this. He didnt discover it and kinda jacked it from his cousin Dooley O. This article here breaks down the situation so check it out.

DIRTY DIGGIN by Austin Wheeler from Elemental Magazine #31
(aka the long story behind "It's My Turn").

The Skull Snaps were a ‘70s funk group whose choice drum break at the beginning of a song called ‘It’s A New Day” became the foundation for a ridiculous amount of hip-hop in the 90s. Everything from Gang Starr’s “Take It Personal” to Black Moon’s “Who Got The Props” relied on the Skull Snaps for the fundamental thunder that is the hip-hop drum break. It falls behind only the Honey Dripper’s “Impeach the President” and James Brown’s “Funky Drummer” in terms of its importance to the hip-hop legacy.
“It’s A New Day” was first introduced to the community by a rapper named Stezo via his 1989 classic b-side “It’s My Turn”, but like most firsts in hip-hop (“Rapper’s Delight’), that is not the whole story. This story begins in 1988 in the little city of New Haven, Connecticut, on a street called (oddly enough) Liberty. Here, a young b-boy named Dooley-O managed to convince his neighbor Mrs. Brown to let him and his friend Chris Lowe dig around in her basement, uncovering two suitcases that contained her entire record collection.
The two beat-diggers found what they were looking for, and after thanking her profusely, returned to Dooley’s house with two heavy suitcases. Among other things in Mrs. Brown’s collection was a copy of the Skull Snaps’ 1973 self-titled album. At the time this didn’t mean as much as it does now, as Dooley described the record that commands at least $200 today as “aight” when he heard it for the first time. He did, however, hear the potential that so many producers have heard since in “It’s A New Day”, so he and Chris Lowe combined it with an ill Ike & Tina Turner sample and made one very legendary pause tape.
While the two were in Connecticut unearthing one of the most influential drum loops in hip-hop history, Dooley-O’s cousin Stezo was on one of the most influential tours in hip-hop history. As a dancer (which was much cooler in ‘88) for EPMD during the Strictly Business tour, Stezo had already achieved much more than anyone else from his hometown, or so he thought. After being kicked oft the tour for beefing with Parrish Smith, Stezo returned to New Haven only to find his cousin Dooley had discovered a beat that was as ill as anything that came from EPMD. Dooley told him about the concept for a song called “Watch My Moves” which would use the thunderous Skull Snaps break for the first time. Chris Lowe, who was the master of the pause tape, put together this track and another one for Stezo and Dooley. The other song would later become a song called “Crazy Noise”. With the two new songs all but recorded, the three headed for the studio.
The three heads recorded two songs in two rooms at A. Trodnozzle Studio in Wallingford, Connecticut. Having recorded "Watch my Moves" and "Crazy Noise", Dooley, Stezo, and Lowe took the cuts to the University of New Haven’s radio station for immediate airplay. This would prove to be a telling glimpse into the future of Dooley’s Skull Snaps break, as one listener jacked it from the airwaves the first time it was ever played! A student of the University of New Haven (UNH)and the nephew of the owner of DNA records (of Super Lover Ceo and Cassanova Rud fame) had looped the opening parts of the song, and made his own version of “Watch My Moves” called “Sweat My Moves”. It had the same beat, same lyrics, and the same hook (with the word “sweat” replacing the word “watch”). One week after debuting the original on the UNH radio station, Dooley heard the other kids version on the very same show. He walked down to the radio station, roughed-up the DJ, and never heard that version again.
Soon after, Stezo landed a deal with Fresh records and attention was again turned to the beat for “Watch My Moves”. This time it was Virgil Simms, Fresh’s acting A&R, who expressed interest in the beat. Tensions grew as it became apparent Simms’ interest was in the track and not in the song, as he tried to convince Dooley-O to give the beat to Stezo. Dooley told him to “go to hell”, and the meeting was over. Stezo went into the studio to record for Fresh, and his cousin went back home to New Haven, and that was the end of it as far as Dooley knew.
A few weeks later, Stezo came by his cousin’s house with the beats he’d laid down while in the Fresh studio. He apologized saying he could come out with a single, and then played what became the beat for “It’s My Turn”. It was the same one that Dooley and Chris had lugged up from Mrs. Brown’s basement and refused to give to Fresh a few weeks before. This would be the first record released with the Skull Snaps drum loop.
After failing to get the track from Dooley, Simms apparently pressured Stezo into going for self. The pressure led Stezo to steal the Skull Snaps record from Chris Lowe’s house, loop it with ‘Atomic Dog” and claim all the production credit for himself; Dooley blames Simms’ for his cousin’s thievery.
Dooley decided blood was thicker than water and didn’t let it come between them. He told Stezo just to look out for him in the future (i.e. give credit where credit is due). Immediately, “Its My Turn” became a classic and Stezo’s head, in turn, got big. He neglected to give any production credit to Dooley or Lowe on his album, and then claimed to be from Brooklyn on the classic follow-up “Freak the Funk”. At this point, Dooley got fed up with his cousin because he was not keeping it remotely "real". He stopped speaking to him until all the hype died down. wo years passed, and Stezo started work on his second album. Dooley signed with Tavdash records (who later become famous for selling R.Kelly to Jive), and EPMD blasted Stezo in their venomous classic “So Watcha Sayin”’. The cousins became friends again and Stezo enlisted Dooley’s help in the production of his answer to EPMD’s call- out. The record was called “Piece of the Pie “and featured a foreshadowing Dooley saying: “First album Strictly Business, second album Unfinished Business ,third album OUT OF BUSlNESS!” The two remain convinced that if the record had been released, it would’ve made Stezo legendary.

Now thats some shady shit. Diggin was gully as fuck back in the day. Got cats jacking records from your ass trying to be the first cat to use that break and other cats taping up records or soaking off labels so you couldnt see what they were rocking. It was on some gangsta shit back in the day. Its not like that anymore, cause everything has been sampled. Now its on how you flip it that sets you apart from the crowd. Also cats are more encouraging and are trying to progrss the art, so we sharing records to a degree. Also places like The Breaks and Soulstrut are helping to shine the light on the dopeness. With that here is 3 tracks from Steezo of his dope album Crazy Noise and I also I threw in the Skull Snaps joint for good measure. Shazam.

1. Girl Trouble
This is my joint right here. I love this shit. That Eddie Bo loop that he rocks over is real dope. Its been used by mad cats, but this is one of the first uses of it. Very dope. He talks about how he dissed a chick, then how the chick dissed his ass. Just some dope playa shit.

2. Bring The Horns
This is one of my favorite Stezo tracks. I think thats a kool and the gang loop hes rocking on, not sure. But shit is mad funky. Its just got that mad chill vibe to it. Stezo said he did the production but i dunno man. After reading that shit above, he seems like a snakey cat. But still shit is hot.

3. Its My Turn
Here is the beat that caused all the drama. Its a simple ass beat with that drum loop then the P-Funk loop gets dropped over it. But shit is hot. Its just funny how one little breakbeat got people flipping the fuck out when they heard this. So much as to even jack it off the radio and make there own tracks off his recording. The rhymes are mediocore, mainly stezo talking bout dancing and how its his turn. Whatever, but shit is tight.

4. Its a New Day - Skull Snaps
There is actually a post that we did a long time ago right here. Check that out and jam out to A New Day. Sucka.

And thats it for tonight. Bring the horns........Peace.

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Thursday, January 05, 2006

Nas is like....Five Rare Joints

Whats good all? Todays post is going to be on one of Queensbridge's Finest. From his debut appearnce on Main Sources, Live At The BBQ, to his latest album, Nas has remained one of the best emcees that has ever touched a mic. Period. It was crazy though to see his progression thru hip hop. He started out as the Street Disciple, a young cat describing his life around him with such wordplay and intelligence, to a vain all knowing sage, that was engulfed in bling and beef. Here is the mans bio cause im too lazy to write it out. (its a pretty good read so peep that)Im a real big fan of Nas's first album, Illmatic. This album is seirously one of the best hip hop albums that Ive ever heard. They just dont make em like this anymore. The whole production and lyrics on this classic, cant be fucked with by anything that has came out in the last 10 years. And i seriously mean that. Look at tracks like The World is Yours and Halftime. This was the prime of these producers and just had that energy and vibe of NYC in the 90's that cant be brought back. It just resonated with the whole city and really made an impact on hip hop and gave Nas the oppurtunity to become a superstar. It made emcees step there game up and producers get there weight up. His albums after that were somewhat mediocore, they had a few good singles, but couldnt achieve the same results and impact as his first. A real good album though was Stillmatic. This shit was rugged. It brought new life into Nas's career and brought him back into the light after straying away for a minute. It even had him producing his own joints like One Mic. A pretty good resurgance if you ask me. This also was the begining of Jay-Z's and Nas's long standing fued for the title of the King Of NY. The title was held by Biggie Smalls, but after his death someone had to raise to power to take the title of the best lyricist of NYC. I dunno who won it, but I still think that these two cats are the best of the best. Nas still kicks that raw intellegent shit and gets whatever he wants off his chest. Look at his recent track, Coon Picnic, where he pretty much calls out all the wack motherfuckers doing the minstrel show over a dope buckwild beat. He casued a bunch of contreversy but I think it needed to be said. He also showed his personal side with the track,Im getting Married, when he married Milkshake diva Kelis. Its just a trip to watch this dudes trasnsition from a kid running around the gritty borough of Queens to an International superstar. And with that here is five tracks from Nas that are somewhat rare and slept on. They mainly are from his begingings just cause I like that era of hip hop. Jazzy boombap beats are my shit. (im using a new filesharing joint so bare with me.)

Lifes A Bitch (Remix) feat. AZ
Im A Villian
Deja Vu
Life Is Like A Dice Game (one of my favorite beats)
Nas And Six-Nine Freestyle on bobbitos show.

And thats that. I would also like to shout out D-Nice casue i jacked one of his pictures for the large pro post i did a while ago. He informed me about it so gotta say my bad. Im gully like that. haha. Check out sons website though and show him some support. He was a nice dude about letting me know though so props to that.

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Tuesday, January 03, 2006

The Oriana Lee LP.

Tonights post is about a real cool women named Oriana Lee. Shes been a friend of mine for a while and showed us mad support when we first started this website. You might also know her husband, Count Bass D. Oriana is a dope poet, educator, music executive, mother, that is doing her thing in a big way. You might remeber her speaking on the Dwight Spitz album and she has been featured on mad online and print publications. Oriana is also helping Bass D as his manager and much more. She is releasing an EP with all new beats from Count Bass D along with a belt line from Unchaste. This is all in combination with her book that is getting released this month entitled, Something to Cope, through her website, I just got the promo in the mail and im really digging it. Some real smooth Bass D beats with her lacing some poetry on the top. Its refreshing and a nice change from the shit thats been coming out lately. So keep checking the website for the release of the book. And with that here are 3 tracks from it.

A Padded Room With A View
The Expose
Who Are You Anymore

So check the tracks and hit her blog. She also has a myspace right here. She is a dope chick so show her mad respect and support all that she has got going down. Peace.

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3 dope ass tracks...

haha. lookat my ass. But anyways hows everyone been doing? Ive been doing the holiday shit so i havent even thought bout blogging. Or making beats or anything else. Just been having a good time seeing people i havent seen in a while and making new friends out here. Christmas was a good time, and new years was dope too. Got a lil shitty to early though but sall good. I just needed to check in right fast today and give yall some heat. I do have another dude that is bout to join up with this shit. Hes a dope dj from around the way named Evil Bee. So stay tuned for him. In the meantime imma just hit yall off with that crack.

1. Do You Believe - the Beatnuts
Beatnuts got that rugged shit. Big ju and pshcyo les been banging out classiccs from the early 90s. My favorite album by them though is Stone Crazy. They had that gritty boombap shit popping off. There newer joints are aight, wasnt really feeling that milk me j0int, but they got a decent catalouge. This track here is off Stone Crazy. Real dope melody and that gritty drums layed up on it. I like the organ loop that is floating in the back. Sounds rugged

2. P.D.S. - Big Shug
One of bostons finests. Big shug has been associated with the whole gangstarr clique from way back. Primos been lacing son with heat for a while. This beat here Primo just flips that Slyvia Striplin joint, Give Me Your Love, which is so dope you really dont even need to do much to it. He throws some dope drums on it and shug laces it with some poonanee lyrics. Anyone hear shugs new joint? I heard it was dope but havent peeped it yet.

3. Alone Again - Kev Brown
This cat here is slowly becoming the new Pete Rock. He got some rep dropping a black album remix called The Brown Album that got him some acclaim. He then did a bunch of tracks and rolled with jazzy Jeffs production company called A Touch Of Jazz. He just dropped an album called Do What I Do. Its actually really good. This track is from a mixtape he dropped in the summer, but its on the new album. Shit is fire. I like the way he chops up shit in the mpc. He also got those Pete Rock basslines. Its cool someone is carrying on that groove of music. He seems like a mad humble cat also. I like that about him. He has alot of humiltiy which makes him more human in his rhymes. He breaks down his emotions and also is paying respect to his influences and peers. Just a good dude.

The new skillz year end rap up. Its aight. Not as good as his older ones but shit is still a good listen. (thanks bassline for this)

And thats that. Imma try and get back on the bloggin tip, but you know how that goes. Its been a little hectic this month, but i should be getting back into it. Peace......

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