Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Boom To The Bap: Low End Theory Podcast #3

What up all. Like the organ? Found that shit on the street. Upper keys work, but the lower side is all fucked up. Its got a dope drum machine in it though and programmed basslines when you hit the peddles. Shit is dope. I like having it in the kitchen cause it drives my roommate nuts cause its so fucking big, and when we drinking out the kegerator I get my Stevie Wonder on hardcore. Thats whats up.

Im real sick so I'm just posting up a mixtape I did today all faded. Lots of ill 90's hip hop. All Serato also. Wooo hooo. Some of the shit was posted on the blog recently so if you missed those posts then your in luck. Let me know what you think in the comment section cause Its gonna be handed out to a few bar owners to try and get me some work. Any criticisms are greatly appreciated. Im not the most technical DJ around, I'm more of a producer, but I got some decent programming skills. So check it out. Its a big file like 60 mbs, so dial up motherfuckers need not apply. Check out the pimped out tracklist via Sony CD Architect. Rugged.

Low End Theory Podcast #3 - Serato Edition
Title :
Artist :

Track Index In Out Length ISRC Title
----- ----- ----------- ----------- ----------- ---------------- ---------------
1 1 00:00:02:00 00:02:29:30 00:02:27:30 madlib-astrotrav
2 1 00:02:29:30 00:03:52:36 00:01:23:06 countbassd-beat
3 1 00:03:52:36 00:08:11:21 00:04:18:60 blackmoon - who got the props
4 1 00:08:11:21 00:11:22:02 00:03:10:56 diamond d - gatherround
5 1 00:11:22:02 00:14:23:52 00:03:01:50 large pro - have fun
6 1 00:14:23:52 00:17:35:38 00:03:11:61 mfgrim - get down
7 1 00:17:35:38 00:20:19:30 00:02:43:67 beatnuts - let off a couple (remix)
8 1 00:20:19:30 00:24:31:40 00:04:12:10 poorrteachers - word is life
9 1 00:24:31:40 00:27:54:44 00:03:23:04 mastaace - Da Grind
10 1 00:27:54:44 00:31:07:10 00:03:12:41 noid - Fate Or Destiny
11 1 00:31:07:10 00:34:47:49 00:03:40:39 lotu - Faith
12 1 00:34:47:49 00:38:13:42 00:03:25:68 kevbrown - always (9th Remix)
13 1 00:38:13:42 00:41:30:48 00:03:17:06 countbass - Down Easy
14 1 00:41:30:48 00:44:47:47 00:03:16:74 emanon - She thinks
15 1 00:44:47:47 00:48:28:57 00:03:41:10 slumvilla - Selfish
16 1 00:48:28:57 00:52:12:59 00:03:44:02 common - One Dollar
17 1 00:52:12:59 00:55:43:32 00:03:30:48 pharcyde - Groupie
18 1 00:55:43:32 00:58:44:74 00:03:01:42 beastie boys - Remote Control

Engineer : Motherfucking DJ Haze beeyotch

Comments : JEEP BEATS SON!

Thats all i got for today. My man 3rd Optic posted a piece on Dave Axlerod last week, but had a problem with the pics and shit so that should be going back up in a few days. Peace.

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Wednesday, October 19, 2005

10 Hip-Hop Interviews

Who got the props?

Whats good? Well I got my M-Audio Trigger Finger Yesterday. Shits tight. Made two decent beats on it so far with my laptop. I love this shit cause I can go anywhere and make beats the way I do with my Mpc2000xl in the studio. Im rocking Ableton Live 5, Reason 3.0, Wavelab 5, Recycle 2.0 and Im using a Tascam us-224 and my trigga finga. Im getting scared though imma stray away from my mpc which would be mad fucked up. I dont think so though. I still think its the best way to produce (along with a pc) But anyways I cant wait to make beats in the fucking woods and dive bars. So that's what I got going on at the moment. Yuppppppp

So I was listening to this dope Four Tet Interview and I was like, damn I got all kinds of various snippets and interviews from rappers and producers up on my pc. Some are short and recorded all fucked up, but its cool to gain a little insight into the minds of these artists even if its just a little blurb. I don't know where I got em all from so I cant really give credit to cats but mad props to whoever laced me up.

1. Four Tet - That audio software he mentions is fly. Four Tet's shit is a little out there. Real ambient and chilled. Its cool though.

2. Jay Dee - That beat, "Fuck the Police" is bananas. I got doubles of that joint and I usually juggle with it.

3. Gangstarr (Production) - This is a little snip of Primo giving some insight on how he makes beats. Pretty cool method, but I cant work like that. I just come up with ideas on the fly. Usually a hot ass loop will set me off.

4.Pete Rock & CL Smooth - A quick discussion about an album coming out again, but they got into some beef after this interview, so I wouldn't count on it. Shits been canned. I was going to do a best of Pete Rock, but Scratch mag fucked me all up and did it. I still might put my spin on it cause a lot of his slept on and more indie joints were left out. Like Jamal's Fade Em All and the I.N.I and Grap Luva shit.

5. Muggs - Real shitty audio, but its cool. He talks about that lame downtempo joint that he did a while ago, and the older Cypress shit. I love Muggs though. He did some real hot shit with Cypress. Not really a fan of most of the Soul Assassin shit, there was some classics there though, but the bulk of it was beat. He also mentored Alchemist which I thought was pretty dope. ALC took his sound and flipped it his way, which actually got ALC mad success.

6. MF DOOM - Quick interlude where DOOM kicks it to some foreign cat. Talks a little bit about where Hip-Hop is at. I like DOOM. Hes one down to earth motherfucker.

7. Lootpack - Quick cut with Kutmasta Kurt just asks Wildchild, Madlib, and Romes some questions like the origin and each position they hold within the group. Lootpack's first album, Da Antidote, was some sick shit. Lib fucked the Sp-1200 up. This and the first Lord Quas, are some of his finest works in my opinion. His latest shit is so-so to me. Last Lord Quas was dope, but had a lot of BS that I wasn't really into.

8. Large Pro - Son is getting interviewed by the UK's own Tim Westwood over at BBC. This is a cool follow up to the post I did a few days ago. Large Pro is rugged as fuck.

9. Dr. Dre On Eazy-E - This is cool. Ice Cube is on there too talking about NWA and how easy came and brought them into the game. Also about his influence on the Music Industry and how Eazy changed a lot of shit. Shits dope.

10. Big L - And last but not least, Harlems Finest talks about how he meet Lord Finesse.


Here is a couple of my favorite interview websites.

Tha Formula - They used to have a lot more of em. I put them on my Ipod so I can read em when im bored. Lots of good shit.

The Underground Railroad - Jaysmooths radio show from back in the day. All in Real Audio format so sit back and listen.

Brave New Wave
- I like this site. Its got lots of more obscure cats on it and outside the hip hop realm. Audio.

- Real hot site. MAD audio joints so check that.

Red Bull Music Academy - This is hot. They always are updating it. Lots of video.

Cyberkrib - A Candain site with mad audio interviews

Urban Smarts - Lots of indie joints. Good read.

Hip Hop Section - This is a cool one. Got some dope indie cats on there.

Nobody Smiling and Illmatic Video - Ive seen this a while ago. Shit is dope. Its a real dope interview on all the producers for Nas's classic Illmatic.

H.E.A.R. PSA Videos- A bunch of artists telling you to watch your levels and save your ears. So mix low, it helps anyways cause you hear nuances in the mix a lot easier and it doesn't color your sound, or wake your wack ass neighbors.

So there you go. Have fun killing an afternoon listening and reading all this shit. Peace.

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Saturday, October 15, 2005

I Dont Want To ill, I just want to chill...Large Pro

Fucking dogs mang. Check it out - last night I was mad drunk and I decided to go get some food at like 4am. Took a ride to the 24 hour supermarket and got some eats. Whenever I leave my house my big ass lab rottie dog comes for the ride. So I get this idea to let Stan run around in the parking lot. No harm no foul. So tonight my roommate locked his keys in a car at this wedding and while he was waiting for me he went out with the wedding party. I drive all the way out to club they were drinking at, snatch him up and we go over to this church where he was parked. So I was like "Hey lets let Stan run around here, Its all dark and no ones around. What could happen?" Motherfucker took off. I mean took the fuck off. You would be surprised at the speed of an un-neutered dog on the hunt for some dog puss. The fucked up thing was that we were in some crazy suburb god knows where and there is houses and roads all around for miles. Im running around the fucking woods screaming till I went horse. I love this dog. Dudes been my roommate/best friend for 5 years and to think of him running around thru traffic and shit makes my stomach drop. An hour and a half later just when we were about to give up and let someone find him and call us, this jerkoff comes trucking down the driveway of this church with the biggest shit eating grin I've ever seen on an animal or human. Must have busted the red rocket out on some unsuspecting lucky lady or ate some garbage. Man I seriously have never been this pissed at this animal in my entire life. I don't hit animals cause they bite back and this dog is like a 120 lbs, so now I got his retarded ass confined in the kitchen where he is gonna spend the next day on lock down. Im real fucking sick too, so running around screaming in some wack neighborhood wasn't really the best fucking idea I've ever had. Sorry for the rant but this has one of many crazy events that plagued me in the last few days. So anyways don't trust your pets. You think you know them, but the second another dog's fart hits the wind, they will completely forget they even know you and go out for the hunt. On to the music.

Tonight's post is on one of my favorite producers. Dude has put out some of the best hip hop music I've ever heard and I've been a fan ever since Illmatic dropped. Large Pro is a legend in this music shit. When he was 17 Extra P would program beats for Eric B and Rakim and even caught the attention of Kool G Rap where he did some joints for him. He also taught Prodigy of Mobb Deep how to get down. Getting his weight up and getting schooled by Pete Rock, he showed Primo how to use his Sp1200. Primo returned the favor by letting Large Pro fuck with his record collection. This caught the attention of Wild Pitch records and gov't name William Paul Mitchell, started out his career as part of Main Source along with DJ's K-Cut and Sir Scratch. Handling all the emcee duties and most of the production work on there classic slept on album , Breaking Atoms, Extra P made hip hop history. The track, Live At The BBQ was the debut of heavyweight Nasir Jones, known to the world as Nasty Nas. And this wasn't even the best track. The highlight of the album was the insanely dope cut called Looking Thru The Front Door. This is seriously one of my favorite tracks of all time. From those drums to the simple laid back loop, its seriously one of the finest beats to come out of the 90's. After this he did an album with Geffen Records called simply, The LP. I happened to stumble upon this reissue when I first started spinning and it is seriously one of my favorite records in my crates. Its all worn out from how much I played it. It didn't make a lot of noise outside the hip hop circles in NYC in the Mid 90's (but what did?), but is highly respected by producers and DJ's. The beats are real simple but have so much soul. He does very minimal work on the production. Usually nice fat drums with one melodic sample laid over them and the signature filtered bass that Im so found of. Dude keeps it nice and simple and lets an emcee work his tracks to there best potential. He also really knows his machines inside out. The SP1200 has been this mans right arm and along with Pete Rock have really taking this simple drum machine/sampler, into realms that were undiscovered and really shaped an entire era of music. So any fan off 90's boombap must own this album. LP's recent joints haven't really been up to par though with his earlier work. His latest album was called First Class. Not really crafted as the signature Boom Bap that he is well known for, he decided to make something unique and tried to do some different shit. It was cool and had its moments with cuts like Radioactive, but wasn't really epic like his earlier work. Also I think his emceeing got worse with time, but hey producers and rhyming are two hard feats to juggle at the same time. Not a lot of cats can were these different hats and still excel. At one point I think you have to know your strengths and roll with what your real good at. I think a lot of these cats somewhat do that and start to dedicate there time to one goal instead of trying to master both. Im not an emcee, but a producer and dj. I started spinning but now my focus is on making beats. I still spin out, but it aint like it used to be. The MPC gets all my time but to each his own. So anyways here is some of the highlights off this rugged album. Get em fast cause yousendits been fucking around. Peace.

Have Fun
Dancing Girl

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Sunday, October 09, 2005

Skys the Limit. No I.D.

Last night I finally used Serato Scratch Live for a DJ gig. I broke my cherry. There was a few crashes though that geeked me the fuck out thought. Music went straight up dead and people were like WHAT THE FUCK??? But overall it went mad smooth. I loved it. Mad music at my disposal. I just have to bring records with me in case shit hits the fan and my laptop decides to take a shit on me. But in other news we got another writer on board, 3rdoptic. He is a producer out in NYC that has a great knowledge of dusty records and hip hop. So look forward to him posting up more shit. Today though imma talk about No I.D. This cat is one damn good producer. He hails from Chi-City and has mentored such cats as Kanye West on the production tip, and has contributed some classic tracks to Common. He did a lot of the beats on Com's second album Resurrection such as Resurrection, Used To Love H.E.R., and a Penny For Your Thoughts. He also rhymed on one track on that album, but he really isn't known for that. In 1997, he put together a pretty decent album called Accept Your Own And Be Yourself (The Black Album). This joint is pretty banging. With him and Doug infinite handling most of the rhymes and all the production it came out as a solid release on Relativity Records, (Com's old label). The rhymes are sort of generic, but the beats are spectacular. He really flexs his production muscles on this joint. Nice dusty samples like organs, and mad filtered basslines. And his drums just knock. Dude got some bangers.There is some chick on it named Syndicate, which im not really feeling, and an appearance by Com Sense, which adds some flavor to the album. The album was slept on hard unfortunately. But No I.D. had some luck back in 2002, when he got signed to Def Jam to do 3 albums for them. I haven't heard anything from him (edit: I was told by this cat DJames that he did a Lil Bow Wow track recently. Ive never heard it.)but I did see his ass on VH1's Driven for Kanye West. So check this album out. Amazon has copies but there pretty expensive.

Fate Or Destiny
State To State
Pray For The Sinners
Skys The Limit (Inf Remix)

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Monday, October 03, 2005

Black Moon: Enta Da Stage

Im going to let my man mpc4000xl post today.


Nervous Records

Picture this your in the year 1993………………

And nobody yes, nobody is RIDIN’ SPINNERS (WHOA!!!!)

You head to your local record shop and decide to pic up an unassuming

Looking vinyl album (yes the 12 in wax).

You reach into the pocket of your Carhart jacket and pull out a twenty.

You get home press that LP into service and then you hear……….

Quote :

"(What we do) I would say is dark Hip-Hop," says Buckshot.

BLACK MOON – Enta Da Stage

Black Moon is an anagram for (Brothers Lyrically Acting Combining Kicking Music Out On Nations).

This is a trio from Bushwick Brooklyn aka Bucktown.

The group is comprised of :

Buckshot – (Kenyatta Blake) A true MC and founder of Boot Camp Clik and Duck Down Entertainment.

DJ Evil Dee – (Eward Dewgarde) Producer with credits including :

Da Beatminerz, KRS One, Jean Grae, Mos Def, Smif n Wessun etc. He also gained much respect spinning at New Yorks Hot97 as well as Power 105.1

5FT Accelerator – (????) An MC tho’ not as dominant as Buckshot is a Strong feature on “Ack Like U Want it” but Shortly after the Release of Enta Da Stage 5FT left the group (Summer 94) though he later would rejoin them for their 1999 release “War Zone” on Priority Records.


With One Good listen to this album it’s easy to see why Enta Da Stage is

Considered a classic by many and my view of it is no different………..

This album created an immediate sensation and went on to sell over 200,000 copies which considering the time period was great for a Hip-Hop groups first release.

What makes this album special is THERE is no filler Just real production combined with fluent lyrics you will love this!!!!!!!!

Powerful Impak - Hard and effective drums plus a short Busta Rhymes sample hook.

Niguz Talk S—t - Yo I love to hornz Evil Dee rocked on the chorus this is raw yes RAW.

Who Got the Propz? - This is the party mover and with the string, upright bass and Scratches on the hook there is no Question -- Black Moon Got the Propz.

Ack Like U Want it - Muted Jazzy Horns lace the chorus and 5Ft does shine solo .

Buck Em’ Down - This track is full of soul and energy and Buckshot makes flowing over Evil Dee’s drums and bass see TOTALLY EFFORTLESS……..A CLASSIC without a doubt. No Surprise then that it reached #2 on the Billboard singles chart.

Black Smif -n- Wessun - Another banger with 5FT n Buckshot on it . This slow low groove works great with sharp violins.

Son Get Wrec - The bass is dark and thick and yes Son does get wreck………YEAH!!!!!

Make Munne - This Joint Is NYC Rugged and its shows . When you listen to this clear your mind and let your head knod it hard not to!!!

Slave - The reverb is SICK maybe even scary Buckshot Ripped it and the flute loop sounds just filthy add lines like “If you never knew me then you never knew wreck” and you know have witness the work of a of a master.

I Got Ya Opin - This IS TRUE SCHOOL what can I say that would do this track JUSTICE!??!! Buckshot brings it …………..Don’t Front!!!!

But you have to hear the Remix which is somehow even better!!!! Really!!!!!

S—t is Real - You can smell the green leafy on this track and I don’t mean spinach dim those lights and zone you can’t go wrong.

Enta Da Stage - Listen closely to this joint and you will begin to hear Buckshot’s Jamican Heritage and it works !!!!! This is a true title track Credit is due. Speaking of The “Low End Theory” that bass is thicker than “London Fog” soooooooo grimey!!!!!

How many MCs - This is was considered a standout which is a tough call on an album full of FIRE though I can see the reason it is felt by many as Buckshot shares a tale of laying whack MC to rest.

U Da Man – This Marks the official 1st appearance of Smif n Wessun aka Cocoa Brovaz and they do the damn thang as always.

Simply put if you don’t own it get it……………

In the words of RZA “ This is True Hip-Hop in a Pure Form, This

Is Lyrics Emceeing”

For More on Buckshot, Evil Dee any Duck Down Affiliates goto:


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