Wednesday, September 28, 2005

God Bless The Dead...


only the good die young

I apologize for the lack of posts in the last couple of weeks. I’ve been grinding trying to make some money. I sold off half my studio to get an ill laptop to rock Serato Scratch Live for when I DJ. If you are in the Wilkes-Barre area, please come out to Gondas Elbow Room (111 North Main St, Wilkes Barre, PA) every Tues and Sat night from 10 to 2, to watch me kill it. It’s a small dive bar, but cheap drinks and I'll be playing mad 90's hip-hop and all kinds of other shit. If you’re a fan of the site you’ll get down there. But anyways today’s post is about the dead artists that are in the hip hop arena. Hip Hop is such a young genre of music with its conception just in the late 70's that you really don’t have a senior crowd within it. It just hasn’t been around long enough like Rock and Roll or Jazz where you have old heads. So with that when an artist dies, it very rarely is by natural causes. A lot of the deaths in hip-hop have been violent and somewhat self inflicted, by say obesity or drug abuse. It seems that with success and fame, there is a lot of bad blood that flows around. And past lives from there days in the street seem to rear there ugly heads again. Death somewhat comes with the territory when cats are portraying drug dealers and gangstas. But its fucked up cause seriously some of the best tracks and talent has been from the rappers that died before there time. While most of them have had very short careers with an extremely limited catalog, they still have made some of the best music that hip-hop has experienced. The emcees Im putting up today have left there imprint on hip hop music and redefined the genre. They have amassed millions of fans world wide and their legacy will still be carried on for many years. And with that here is the music, and RIP to them all.

1. It Sounded Like A Roc - Subroc
This is my shit right here. Subroc was one third of KMD, the other being his brother Zev Lov X, known today as MF DOOM and some cat named Onyx. KMD started out when Zev Love X was featured on a 3rd Bass track back in '89 called, The Gasface (a dope Prince Paul production). With this track this let them do a full album called Mr. Hood that came out in 1991. The album was really slept on though even considering the success of the single, Peach Fuzz. Zev and Subroc did all there own productions and had a very Native Toungue-ish sound to there beats and rhymes. They rocked the jazzy samples with crunchy break beats and laid introspective and comedic lyrics on top of them. After this album they were with Elektra records and were trying to release there second album, Black Bastards, but it was shelved due to the controversial cover art of a Black cartoon figure being hung by a noose. (The album was heavily bootlegged and eventually re-released on Subverse records) This was an excellent album though. A lot darker then the Mr. Hood LP, with the production being more gloomier and the rhymes more introspective, it really showed their development as a group. They really stepped there game up compared to the Mr. Hood LP. The label though didn’t want to touch it so they dropped the group. Right after that Subroc dies in a fatal car crash. Zev, decided to take a few years off to grieve, but later reemerged as MF Doom. He then dropped his debut album, but somewhat the last KMD album, called Operation Doomsday, which is another indie classic. Subroc though was a real talented producer, emcee, and barber who if he was still around today would be killing shit with his brother. On this song, Subroc rocks the mic solo over a real funky KMD production. I like the bassline and when the jazzy horns kick in towards the end.

2. Red Light, Green Light (Remix) - Charizma & Peanut Butter Wolf
Here is another cat that died before he had a chance to really get on. Born Charles Hicks in a small suburb of San Jose called Milpitas, the emcee Charizma came up. There wasn’t a scene and it was very odd that such a talented cat came from out of this place. Chris grew up rocking all the classic hip-hop that he could consume within the isolated suburb. Raised on the staples such as Krs One, MC Shan, Biz Markie, BDK he had a strong love for the music. He met up with Peanut Butter Wolf when he was 16, and him and the 19-year-old Wolf became close friends. 3 years later after doing the grind of paying dues, they started to forge their own unique sound and style. They decided they wanted to roll with a big label to get themselves on. They went to a few labels slinging demos, but then decided to role with Hollywood Basic, Organized Konfusions label at the time. They were offered big money, a movie part in Sister Act 2, Soundtracks, and much more. For the next year they just made music all day long trying to build up enough tracks for an album. But Hollywood wasn’t really geared to make hip-hop records at the time. Them being a Walt Disney owned label, they wanted to stay safe and roll with what was selling and not allow the group to do there own thing. They had no experience in how to make hip hop records and sell them. The only thing they ever released by them was a promo of the track I’m featuring today, "Red Light, Green Light". Charizma and PNB Wolf said fuck this and got out of there deal right before the label decided to get rid of its hip hop division. Right after this Charizma was killed by a gunshot wound to the head while sitting in the backseat of a car with a girl. Its real sad cause he was a serious talent at such a young age. If he was around right now they would be a force in hip hop and probably be releasing classic shit. PNB Wolf went on to found his label Stones Throw Records, which is quickly becoming the number one indie hip-hop label of this era. With such cats on the roster like, Madlib, MED, Oh No, Jay Dee, Aloe Blac, and many other indie stars, they are selling mad records. They put out that jazzy hip-hop and allow freethinking with there music, which is very refreshing. PNB decided to release the record that Charizma and him were working on a few years ago. The LP is called Big Shots and its really good. I love the beats and Charizma got that smooth laid back flow that’s kind of gruff and rugged but still mad chill. So check that shit out.

3. 1, 2, 3, - Freaky Tah of the Lost Boyz
The Lost Boyz were an ill group from Jamica Queens, that consisted of Mr. Cheeks, Freaky Tah, Pretty Lou, and Spigg Nice. They put out there first single, Lifestyles Of The Rich And Shameless that caught the attention of Uptown Records who then signed them. They then did a song called Renee that was on the soundtrack of Don't Be a Menace to South Central While You're Drinking Your Juice in the Hood. They released an album called Legal Drug Money, which actually came from them witnessing a drug dealer get murdered while they were slinging rocks back in the day. The title though meant that they were trying to make that transition into the legit world coming from drug dealing and killing. They wanted to give the money back to Jamacia (NY) when they got on. The problem was that they released the singles before the album came out (a distribution problem with the label) so when it dropped cats were already listening to there second album, "Jeeps, Lex Coups, Bimaz & Benz's". This album also was a success. But when Legal Drug Money dropped it went gold and had such classics like "Music Makes Me High", and "Get Down". They then went on to release another album, which was aight imo, called "Love Peace and Nappiness", which also went gold, in 1997. Freaky was more of the hype man for the group doing adlibs in his mad gruff Rasta tone. He really didn’t do a lot of verses on the album. This track here, 1, 2, 3 was one of the hardest cuts on the lp. It has freaky doing all the verses by himself and its basically him narrating one night when he decides to go on a killing spree cause some cats beat his boys ass. Its pretty rugged. Freaky gets hardcore as fuck on it and is killing bitches and shit. The reversed loop that is sitting hauntingly in the background is on the sinister tip. They you got the traditional horns that are on most of there tracks. Shit is pretty ill. Mr Cheeks fills in for Freaky doing the adlibs and the intro, while Freaky gets his murder raps on. Freaky was murdered by a gunshot to the head while he was walking outside of a party in Jamica Queens on March 28th, 1998 ( a month before Big L was murdered) It was basically an assassination. Dude came up in a Ski Mask at like 4am, behind freaky and blew his brains out and ran. In April 8th though police arrested and charged suspect, Rasheem Fletcher, for the murder of Freaky Tah. On SOHH, i read though that the cops were checking out to see if Tah's murder and Big L's were connected cause the two worked together in the past. Crazy shit.

4. 95 Freestyle (Stretch And Bobbito Show) - Big L ft. Jay Z
Big L was seriously one of the greatest emcees that ever picked up a mic. Big L, Lamont Coleman, was born out in Harlems "Danger Zone" 139th Street and Lennox, back on May 30th, 1974. L was a young cat growing up in the street life and decided that he wanted to get out and the way to do it was to rap. His first debut on wax was on Lord Finesse's single, "Yes You May (Remix)" Finesse met L at a record shop when he was bringing by his mix tape to sell. L said he could rhyme and Finesse was like show me right now. L killed it and Finesse had to work with him. Seeing real talent, Columbia records scooped him up in 1993, and L released one of the dopest underground singles, the promo only, "Devils Son". The song was quickly banned from the radio though for its real hardcore offensive lyrics, like "I pistol whip the priest every Sunday" and other choice lines. He didn’t give a fuck though cause he wasn’t going to comprise his music so he got mad praise from the fans of the underground scene at the time. While still on Columbia records he dropped his first album, "Lifestylz Ov Da Poor & Dangerous". Not a commercial success, it still got mad praise and good reviews, such as the Source giving it 4 mics. On this album he put on a bunch of cats that are heavyweights right now, such as Cam'ron and Jay-Z. Cam used to roll by the name of Killa Kam and Mase used be in there known as Murda Mase and they used to be in a crew with L called, Children Of The Korn. Yeah the same preacher Mase. This album though is a classic. It’s got so much heat on it. After that Columbia dropped him. He was still grinding though cause he was rolling with D.I.T.C. He was doing tours and going overseas and shit. He then decided to put out records on his own label, Flamboyant Records. The first joint he released was the classic "Ebonics". This record is just mowing through street slang and just breaking it down for everyone. This single blew up and was flooded through the underground. But then his success was cut short. Shot seven times in the head and chest, he died right down the block from his Harlem home. In august of 2000 his post humus release, "The Big Picture" dropped and it was basically half completed while he was alive and the other half was done after he was killed. They put on his some of his dopest tracks and then threw on some collabos with the already deceased Tupac, Kool G Rap, Guru, DITC. Pete Rock did a dope ass track on there that I still bump. Big L though was one of the best freestylers in the game and really was just a menace on tracks. Dude was serious. This track here is him flexing his skills up at Stretch and Bobbitos Show in NYC. He just mows through the track and really just blows cats away. Jigga comes on the second verse and crushes shit also. I love it when he fucks up though and recovers himself and flips it all crazy. These two cats have mad skills. The beat is sick too. I love the keys over the grimy drums. Shit is dope.

5. Intoxicated - ODB (ft. Raekwon, Meth, and Macy Gray)
We all know ODB. We all heard bout Ol' Dirtys legal and domestic problems. He was the crazy off the wall cat who just didn’t give a fuck that ran the 90's with his crew the Wu-Tang clan. ODB was around the Wu from the jump. Russel Jones founded the Wu, along with his cousins the Rza, and the Gza. They used to be known as the Force Of The Imperial Master, which subsequently became known as the All in Together Now Crew after they had a successful underground single of that name. ODB was the cat that stood out though in the group. He was known for his bizarre, offbeat, incomprehensible flow, crazy funny behavior that was borderline insane. Some rugged shit. He would always be screaming and wilding out on tracks, which made him really stand out. He was on the first Wu Tang joint the 36 Chambers and that album made hip hop history. Shit received mad praise and accolades without the hip hop world. ODB went solo in 1995, which was how there deal was structured with Loud. The clan was allowed to go off and doing solo projects with no problems instead of being locked into a solo contract. Which was a first for that in a contract. "Return To The 36 Chambers: The Dirty Version" was made dropped on March 28th, 1995. Rza did the production on there and really made it just a gritty rugged sound like he was known for with the Clans first album. But on this joint he made it even more minimalist and really provided the focus more on ODB's crazy ass. The album made such hits as, Shimmy Shimmy Ya, and Brooklyn Zoo, which brought the album to gold status. Also in 95 he did that Fantasy (Remix) with Mariah Carey and really that was one of the first popular Rnb and Hip Hop collabos that are so dominant in today’s weak ass scene. This is also when the controversy that kept ODB in the news for years to come also started. He was in some MTV biography piece, when he took his 13 kids to the Welfare office to pick up his check, by a limo. His album was in Billboards Top 10 at the time also. MTV got it on film and sent it worldwide. In 1997, the Wu dropped "Wu Tang Forever" which was not as good as there first joint. ODB though wasn’t featured on it nearly at all. He did contribute the solo track Dog Shit, and he did a chorus and an intro, but for the most of the 2-disc album, he wasn’t there. This was probably during his beginning of his crack smoking days. A year later though while at a recording studio in Brooklyn, he witnessed a car accident out the window. He ran out into the streets with a friend and organized about 12 onlookers to help lift a car off of a 4-year-old girl. She suffered 3rd Degree burns and was taking to the hospital. ODB though using a fake name would go and see her a few times, before the media saw him. He then went back to crazy shit and ran out on an awards show ranting and raving about how Puff Daddy won an award that the Wu should have won. He went on to say that Puffy aint for the children, Wu Tang is for the children. He then changed his name to Big Baby Jesus. Then came his album Nigga Please. This album is crazy as fuck. If you have ever heard it, you hear ODB rant and scream about the most bizarre shit, which you cant really even understand. He is in a cracked out stupor and just is saying all kinds of shit. The album though was pretty successful. It did have a few dope tracks though. You get into it cause of ODB just wilding out. The main single on there, "Got Your Money" was produced by the super group the Neputnes and provided them a key platform to establish themselves and become the stars they are now. In 2001 he went back to jail for Crack Possession and his label at the time, Elektra, decided to put out a greatest hits album. Kinda wack when you only have two albums if you ask me. It didn’t go to well but the label had to recoup from the difficult artists lack of product. They used his publicity to hustle some records. They dropped him then the label D-3 records released the album "The Trials and Tribulations of Russell Jones". This album was made up of pre recorded vocals before ODB went to jail, and had no input from ODB. He didn’t even know it was released or made. Fucked up shit. Dirty was released though and signed up with the Roc after that. Roc A Fella got him on board and tried to put together an album and keep his nose clean. He also started to do a reality TV show with VH1. But unfortunately, he was in Wu Tangs Studio, on 9/13/2004, just 2 days before his 36th birthday, when he collapsed to the floor. He died less then an hour later. The Initial reports were that he had a heart attack, which was true, but during the autopsy, they found a baggie of coke in his stomach. There was a lethal mixture of cocaine and the prescription pain killer Ultram in his system. They ruled it as an accidental overdose. Its hard to kick shit when you got money and fame like that. Especially if you smoke crack. Rip to Ol' Dirty, he was a good dude. Im really feeling this track. The loop is mad sick and Rae and Meth kill that shit. ODB comes in also to impress on this joint. Shit is banging.

6. Niggas My Height Dont Fight - Eazy E
Aight since firefox decided to crash and delete all the shit I wrote about Eazy, im just gonna jack his bio from hi official website. I aint typing that shit again. Took me like half an hour. SALTY!

Compton, California is a small suburb of Los Angeles, a place known for its vast history of rags-to-riches stories, stardom, glamour, and fame. Compton has emerged from being just another surrounding area of Los Angeles to one of the country’s most well known cities. That fact is attributed to the music in which Compton helped give birth to and make so famous. "Gangsta" rap has developed into a money making enterprise, spreading misogynistic messages, violent overtures, and the theories of toting guns as if it was a sport. Sometimes, the words would prove to be more fiction than fact, but the attention was attracted nonetheless.

One of the artists responsible for making this era of music so spectacular is Eazy-E, a gangsta rapper whose claim to fame was not the music, but in the way he presented it. With a career that would span almost a decade, Eazy became the mark of excellence in gangsta rap, but as with all success comes a price. Eazy would rise above many obstacles that would kill just an average person, and tasted the fruits of his labor until his untimely demise.

Born Eric Wright in 1964, Eazy grew up with the same hopes and dreams as most young men from an impoverished background. He wanted to make it big, no matter how he had to do it. Hip-Hop was a flourishing conglomerate, very legal, and one that could provide a way of life that make most envious to the point of rage. The Hip-Hop scene on the western section of the United States was not as lush as it was in the east, but all that would make a drastic change.

Dealing drugs to make a living, Eazy finally did something positive with the money that was leading to the bloodshed on the streets. He took a portion of his earnings and formed a rap label, called Ruthless Records. The attempt to start his rap empire didn’t prove fruitful until up and coming artists Ice Cube and Dr. Dre began to write for the label. When HBO, the signing company of Ruthless Records refused to take one of the group’s songs, titled "Boyz In The Hood," they formed the group N.W.A., an acronym for Niggaz With Attitude. They would bring aboard 1 more member DJ Yella, and the five-man team would begin to blaze the trail that we know today as gangsta rap.

N.W.A.’s debut album, "N.W.A. and The Posse," was a party-oriented jam record that largely went ignored upon its 1987 release. In the following year, the group added M.C. Ren and revamped their sound, bringing in many of the noisy, extreme sonic innovations of Public Enemy and adopting a self-consciously violent and dangerous lyrical stance. Late in 1988, N.W.A. delivered "Straight Outta Compton, " a vicious hardcore record that became an underground hit with virtually no support from radio, the press or MTV. N.W.A. became notorious for their hardcore lyrics, especially those of "Fuck Tha Police," which resulted in the FBI sending a warning letter to Ruthless and its parent company, suggesting that the group should watch their step. Most of the group's political threat left with Ice Cube when he departed in late 1989 amidst many financial disagreements. A nasty feud between N.W.A. and Cube began that would culminate with Cube’s "No Vaseline," an attack on the group's management released on his 1991 "Death Certificate" album. By the time the song was released, N.W.A., for all intents and purposes, was finished.

Eazy and the rest of the crew would go on to release two more albums, "100 Miles and Runnin’" in 1990 and "Efil4zaggin" (which is Niggaz 4 Life backwards) the following year, and the albums were mostly Eazy flexing his lyrical muscle. Some of the lyrics provoked outrage from many critics and conservative circles, but that only increased the group's predominately male, White suburban audience. Even though the group was at the peak of their popularity, Dre began to make efforts to leave the crew, due to conflicting egos and what he perceived as an unfair record deal. Dre and Eazy would then delve into a widely publicized feud that would run its course over a few years. Eazy then would have to make the transition as a solo artist, but seemingly the transition was made rather smoothly.

Eazy had released his debut solo album in 1988, titled "Eazy Duz It," which would ultimately be his only full-length album. It was received well amongst fans, particularly in California. Although he would never achieve the astronomical success he received with N.W.A. on a commercial level, he still was considered a force in Hip-Hop. Fans across the nation had begun to see a change in Hip-Hop, and Eazy was one of the many driving forces behind it.

Amidst the drama that was going on between he and Dr. Dre, Eazy decided to take the bold step of addressing the issue on record. "It's On (Dr. Dre) 187um Killa" was released in late 1993, which proved to be a depiction of the murder of Dre on record, and it attracted major attention. The unapologetically violent album would be the first of many on-record feuds between Dre and Eazy, and it shed a lot of light on the issues between the former partners. It also marked the decline in Eazy’s vastly flourishing career.

In 1995, the Hip-Hop nation was struck with alarming news. In a publicized statement, Eazy announced he had contracted HIV, the virus that caused AIDS. No one, including Eazy himself had a clue about how sick he actually was. During the week of 20th March, the star drafted his last message to fans (check the last words section). One month after making that haunting announcement, Eazy succumbed to the disease at a local hospital in Los Angeles. He was 31 years old at the time of his death. Before he died, Eazy had made amends with Ice Cube and Dr. Dre, the men whom he skyrocketed to success with and rewrote Hip-Hop history with. A man of his talents has been deeply missed since his passing, and the game has had the unenviable task of going on without him.

Two postmortem albums were subsequently released, "Eternal E" in 1995 after his death, and "Str8 off Tha Streetz of Muthaphukkin Compton," in 1998, both of which proved to be successful. An upcoming group discovered by Eazy, were in the beginning stages of their careers, which would prove fruitful later on. The legacy of Eazy E lives on in the hearts and minds of Hip-Hop and its long list of fans.

Eazy E: 1964-1995 R.I.P.

That’s sad. Its like one of those, "Live by the sword, Die by the Sword deals." This track was banging. I love the beat and just Eazy's fuck you demeanor.

7. Live At The Garden - Big, Pac, Big Scoob, Big Daddy Kane, Shyheim
This is my shit right here. I love this track. Most cats just heard the Big/Tupac edit, but this is the whole version. Shit is rugged. But anyways, everyone knows the story of the East Coast/West Coast beef and how it brought the inevitable deaths of both rappers. Turn on VH1 if you’re interested. They play that shit at least once a day. BEEF! Lets just talk about the track though. This shit here is mad hot. Mister Cee just puts on a dope break beat and lets the artists kill shit for a crowd at Madison Square Garden. Now this is some ill shit casue Big comes on after Big Scoobs aight performance, then Tupac comes after Big. But man these motherfuckers were killing shit. One of the best Biggie freestyles I’ve ever heard, then Tupac just follows up and lays down some of the best shit I’ve heard out of him in a long time. They brought their A-Game. Shyheim comes after Pac and just fucks shit up with his little kid ass, representing the Wu. But he holds his own and the kid has mad skills. The real star though of this shit is Big Daddy Kane. Dude just crushes shit with his punch lines and his whole vibe. He just comes on through with the battle raps. This shit right here is classic.

8. Tribute To Jam Master Jay - Various DJ's
VIDEO!!! Thanks to jorge
Now this is real dope. This was on BET's Source Awards after the DJwas shot in the head in his recording studio. We all know Jam Master Jay, the DJ of the super group Run DMC. These cats really brought hip-hop into the house and they were the first cats to go worldwide. They really made hip hop go international and blow up. Jay also was 50 Cents mentor, so without Jay, no 50, no G Unit, no Vita Water, so all you tugged out cats owe this dude mad respect. Jay just had a real love for the music though and really supported it and helped it grow. So dude is a legend. On this performance, DJ Premier, Kid Capri, Grand Master Flash, Jazzy Jeff, go on a rugged DJ set, flexing all there skills to pay tribute to the Jammaster. I think Jazzy Jeff kills it though. Dude is on another level. I love how you hear Preemo shouting on the whole track. It is real ill.

BONUS BEATS: M.N.C.B - Smith-N-Wessun
This is a real dope track. This was on an unreleased record that Smith N Wessun did with Rawkus before they folded. This cut though here is all about dead rappers and paying respect to them all. Some good shit.

And that’s it. I had a Big Pun joint I wanted to put up, but I want to save that track for another post. It’s a dope posse cut. So enjoy the mp3s, and RIP to all these cats cause they will truly be missed. PEACE.

edit: You know what is funny? I just read what I wrote and when I talk about an artists bio, I sound like a retard. Im all like ME THINKS ME DO type shit. It sounds like my 5th grade book reports. hahaha. Sorry just had to tell yall that.

Clizick fo more!

Sunday, September 18, 2005

DJ Premier's Greatest Hits

The shit is real.

Just posting up something real fast before I hit the bars. Christopher Martin, aka DJ Premier has been one busy dude in the last ten years. Primo has been killing shit with his rock solid production and his perfectly phrased cuts that make up all the hooks in almost every song he has produced. Primo spent a lot of time in Texas and NYC in his earlier years. He used to goto a family members crib in Brooklyn and he heard all the block party tapes, radio, and cats on the street and that shit just stuck a chord with him. He studied computer science in a school outside Houston and he used to go by the name "Waxmaster C". He learned how to play a bunch of different instuments and he was managing a record store down there. He moved back to Brooklyn and met up with Guru. Guru had a group named Gangstarr that recorded with Mark The 45 King. What happened was that Gurus partner Mike Dee moved back to Boston so Guru needed to find someone to fill the void. While chilling listening to demo tapes Guru heard this cat that he needed to get up with. They met and got signed to Wild Pitch records and then they put out a single, Manifest and then an album, No More Mister Nice Guy. It was a little gritty and un-refined, but cats was feeling it. They were molding jazz and hip hop together to make a unique sound that drew a lot of attention. They were then asked to contribute to the Spike Lee joint, Mo Better Blues. After that they stepped there game up real fierce and dropped some east coast classics such as, '91's "Step In The Arena and the '92's banger", "Daily Operation". These albums were serious. They paved the way to a long and prosperous career for the two of these cats. Primo was also lacing mad other emcees in the 90's, doing a lot of freelance production work. He setup shop at the legendary D&D studios with his MPC-60 and s950, and just churned out track after track. Dude knows how to chop a loop up. Its crazy. He also will sample himself playing keys and then process it like all his other samples. He uses a lot of classic breakbeats, but chops them joints up into hip hop form. I've always been somewhat inspired by this cat on his technique on production. He keeps it minimal but his music just has so much soul and feeling he can get away with keepin it simple. Also the way he works with artists is real dope also. His way of working with Guru to make tracks was that Guru would write up a list of names for songs and Primo would just sit there and compose something to the name. Then Guru would do the track. He just vibes with who ever he is working with and really caters a track to them. That's some real producer shit right there. Not just some cat that makes beats. He sees projects through and puts his stamp on it and makes the artist shine. He really has established himself as one of hip hops greatest producers and has inspired many clones and imitators. Dude is disgusting with his skill. Also the DJ element he brings to all his tracks is crazy. He has really inspired mad producers and has been a dominant force in hip hop for a long fucking time. Lately I haven't been feeling many of his beats, he kinda sounds like a bad impersonation of himself now, but he is a legend so there is no love lost. I was seriously surprised at his discography though (heres an old list which is missing shitt). He has worked with all kinds of artists and crossed mad genres with his gritty ass beats. From working with jazz cats like Branford Marcellus, and even gay lame rock rap groups like Limp Bisket, he still remains rugged as fuck. I recently heard he is doing beats for Christina Aguerila. Shit is crazy. Tonight though I would like to feature 10 tracks of his that step outside of the Gangstarr steez and where he shines with other emcees. Im not that big a fan of Guru, his flow and content is a little beat in my opinion, but primo has carried the group to legendary status. I had to throw up one of my favorite Gng tracks though cause it is a Primo post. And with that here, is my favorite premo tracks..

1. Ease My Mind (Primo Remix) - Arrested Development
Man I love this joint. This is seriously one of my favorite all time tracks. The steady key riff, and that bassline just is disgusting. MC Speech kills it with his dope introspective rhymes about being frustrated and needing to relax and get yourself together. Also he talks about the inner demons that drag us down. Shit we can all relate too.

2. The Best Part - J-Live
J-Live is one talented cat. Son can emcee, produce, and dj. Thats pretty rare lately for a cat that is the triple threat. This track here was off J's first album, The Best Part. Primo laced him with this beat and man this shit just gets stuck on repeat whenever I hear it. Fr0m that panflute or whatever the fuck it is in the intro to that in your face bassline and those knocking drums, shit just gets stuck in your head for days. J spits about his love for hip hop and how it captured him from the jump. He goes through his history and how he developed and got into the game. I also love it when the beat drops out and goes into a handclap metronome and J just rocks with that oldschool freestyle flow. Shit is so tight. J just dropped a new album called, The Hear After, so check that shit out. Its pretty good.

3. The Love Is Gone - Jaz O and Immobiliare
Another heater. This beat seriously is some of the sickest shit Ive heard in a long time. Man the way primo does the variations and the cuts on the hook makes me want to turn on my mpc. Primo has a way of incorporating weird background sounds that add a lot to his tracks. On this one he got these electronic noises and some cat breathing up in the patterns. Its crazy. He is on some next level shit. Primo did this for Jaz O and The Immoblilares album called Kings Kounty but it was also featured on the D&D Part 2 comp album that was released like 2 or 3 years ago. Jaz O was actually Jigga's mentor and was making tracks in the 80's and 90's. He didn't blow up like Hova, but dudes got skills. Im not really up on this other dude. Shit sounds aight though.

4. Machine Gun Funk (remix) - Biggie
This is one of my favorite Biggie tracks, but Primo flips it crazy. He makes it alot more funkier and gritty. That ill bassline and that delayed stab sample that comes in every so often is sick. This was on Lord Sear's radio show back in the 90's. Just a sick ass track.

5. Doobie Ashtray - Devin Tha Dude
Damn. This shit is so ill. Primo hits the West Coast for this joint here and laces Devin with one of the funkiest tracks I've ever heard. This is why I love Primo cause homes really has made classics. And not like 5 or 6 ill singles, but like 40 or 50 classic tracks that still get mad play to this day. That's pretty impressive. Anyways though, this track just is so crazy. He has that dope guitar going through and that whole melancholy vibe that flows throughout the whole track. Devin spits about when you are all alone, broke, and when you trying to puff, someone done stole your roach out the ashtray. Just kinda being shit outta luck and just frustrated and real bummed the fuck out. The beat compliments it to a tee.

6. Devils Pie - D'Angleo
Now you really wont see alot of R'n'B cats gracing the pages of The Low End Theory. Just aint my thing. But man this joint here breaks all the rules. I first heard this track on the Belly Soundtrack and I lost my mind when it came on. The beat is just perfect. That sick as bassline and those horn stabs and that blip noise just seal this shit up. D is singing about the drug game and getting "a slice of the Devils pie". He gets deep with the concept and kicks some dope real shit about greed and evils of this line of work. My favorite part is towards the end where Primo cuts those horns over the track. Shit makes me want to give up making music. Its that dope.

7. Suspended In Time - Group Home
Now this is a good example of a producer carrying a group. 2 mediocre emcees and one insanely hype dj/producer = one decent fucking album. This whole album has some of the dopest Primo tracks ever composed. He just brought some real heat to the table. It kind of sucks though that he gave it to Group home. Group Home was a branch off of the Gangstarr clique that started with the release of Jeru's album The Sun Rises In The East. Which Primo did all the beats, with the classic Come Clean. Not really a fan though of the lyricism of Lil Dap and that other dude. I heard from one of my boys though that Lil Dap is out here in Wilkes Barre PA, lately. He was bullshiting with him at some bar. Dap if your reading this hit me up for some production work. haha

8. Music Evolution - Buckshot LeFonque
Now this is my shit right here. This group was Primo and Branford Marsellus's project where they fused Jazz and hip hop into one sound. Branford is a great jazz musician and has mad clout in jazz circles. This album was executive produced by Primo though which is dope. He put scratches and dope beats on a album that got received extremely well by mad jazz cats. I really like both albums that they did. This track here though is crazy. The beat has those signature Primo chops, the dope bass and that oriental sound that is thrown in there. Im really a fan of the lyrics though. I forget the emcees name, but he kicks rhymes about how music evolved from jazz and hip hop and where its at now and he makes comparisons between the two. Shit is dope.

9. The Shit is Real - Fat Joe
There once was a time when Fat Joe was one bad ass motherfucker. Now he is doing corny pop albums, and boost mobile commercials. I cant hate though cause dude was one rugged ass cat in the 90's. He rolled with DITC and just killed shit. This beat here is banging. I love the sounds Primo uses and the hook is crazy. Joe just kicks that gritty killa shit on the track and it just comes off dope as fuck.

10. Downtown Swinga '98 (Alternate Vers) - MOP
Primo actually put these cats on and laced them with mad beats when they were coming up. The chemistry they have together is so tight and just really blends perfect. This song here had 3 versions of it made cause it was so dope. This is my favorite vers though. I love that horn sample that sounds like it came from a cartoon or some shit. Its just sick. MOP really come correct on this track though. And just really show why they some of New Yorks Finest. DOOOPPPEEEEEE.

BONUS BEATS: Ex Girl To Next Girl - Gangstarr
I love this track. The beat is just so sick. I love the sample he uses. Guru just kicks rhymes about his ex trying to get back but he moved onto new puss so he don't want nothing to do with her ass. Some real shit.

And that's that. I know i missed a lot of dope tracks, but dude has so many its not even funny. A couple of cats though like Freddie Fox, Jigga, Biggie, Nas, Snoop, and mad others, deserve to be on this list, but at the moment these are my favorites. So enjoy one of hip hops legendary beat smiths. I got to get my drink on. PEACE.

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Wednesday, September 14, 2005

White Rappers

DISCLAIMER: I have actually gotten mad ebeef for this post. Cats coming at me sideways and calling me a 'wigga' on messageboards and my email. Shit is cracking me up. I think I hit a nerve of this dude in the pictures fanclub. A lot of these e-toughguys think this post is making fun of white rappers, actually if you read it, its about the cornball kids like my man in this picture that have no skills but expect to get signed and put out albums, and the cats with actual talent that are setting themselves apart from the lames outta vancover and idaho, but they cant get a deal or distribution. Battling cats on AIM doesnt make you a rapper. Having e siphers on a messageboard aint gonna get you a deal. Rocking your school talent show aint gonna get you a necklace. So once again this post is not about hating on white rappers, its about hating on wack white "rappers". So before you get your emuscles up to send me some nonsense via email, understand that it isnt that serious and should be takin lightly. Aight so enjoy the mp3s.

Aight there aint a lot of good white rappers. Mad cats like this guy in the pic got shit MAD twisted. Shit is outta control. Now I aint got nothing against any cat that has skills, but just cause you see fiddy or dipset getting down don't mean you need to pic up a mic. There are mad cats that actually do have skills and cats like this are fucking it up for us Caucasians. It took me a while though to think of some good white rappers. And Im not including Eminem's lame pill popping ass, or Paul Wall corny looking ass cause Im sick as fuck of both of em. And fuck Bubba Sparx. Everlast can eat a dick too. Eminem is not the great white hope. He needs to stay in rehab till he sobers up and listens to the bullshit he been putting out in the last few years. When he admits that he fucked up, he can then be released. Dont get me wrong though Em had mad skills, but hes gone soft. The Slim Shady LP and that indie, infinite shit were dope. Its just now he all chilling with thugs, he is making songs with 50 called Gatman and Robbin'. Its bananas. But seriously, a good white rapper is hard to find. The cats Im featuring tonight, Im genuine fans of and have been for years. These dudes are real emcees and give hip hop respect. They arent clowns that hang out in the cafeteria rhyming bout gats and weed, like your little brother. So dont get it fucked up.

1. Radiohead - Cage
Now this is the hot shit. This beat is one of the dopest beats I have on wax. The 12" of this took me mad long to find. That sample is raw and when the bass drops shit is too much. And its dope how he does his adlibs all in that crazy voice on all his tracks. This song took Cages career off. If you like to smoke dust and chill in institutions then this is your kind of music. Shit is rugged. This is when New York's indie scene was real hot with everyone's records being broke on Stretch & Bobbito's show. Some classics came out of that era.

2. STD - Necro
Another crazy ass white boy from NYC. Necro has been spewing that nasty grimy shit for like 15 years. I wore my "I Need Drugs" cassette to shit when I was a youngin. This track and the I Need Love junkie edition used to get mad play. I love this beat cause its all lo fi but just knocks. Necro did alot of his own productions using his ASR-10. He just spits that insane bullshit that he is known for. You know hes speaking on some real life experience for this joint. Hes a grimy motherfucker. I always crack up at how slow and sappy the song sounds at first but then kicks into that "THE BITCH HAD SYPHILLIS, I CRACKED HER IN THE FACE WITH A WRENCH!!!" line.

3. Every Record Sucks Dick - RA The Rugged Man
This ugly motherfucker here has been grinding for a long time. He seriously had mad ups and downs throughout the biz. Dude is crazy as hell though. I read stories of him just running up in his label with guns and grabbing bitches tits and shit. This shit here though is fire. This was off his first "album" that got shelved, I think. I don't know who produced it, but they flip that Capricorn loop from Cannonball Alderley to make a dope beat. It just fits the mood of the track perfect. Ra just talks about getting jerked around in the industry and the bullshit he faced as a white rapper dropping an album.

4. Rap Prime Minister - Prime Minister Pete Nice and Daddy Rich
Now these cats here were one of the first honky groups that came outta NYC in the 80's/90's. They had two white emcees (MC Serch) and a black DJ (Daddy Rich), known as 3rd Bass. They had skills. Around this time cats like Vanilla Ice were selling out and packing arenas, so to be a white cats with talent you got slept on by that gimmick shit. They even had a beef with Vanilla Ice called Pop Goes the Weasel which disses him for making rap a mockery. This track here is from when Pete Nice and Daddy Rich went off on there own to make Petes Album while MC Serch tried to move on to bigger and better things.

5. Car Thief - Beastie Boys
These cats here are one of my favorite hip hop groups. They have been around since the 80's and still are able to drop decent albums. Well that last one kinda sucked but they got a good track record. This joint here is off there classic album "Pauls boutique". I love this album cause the Dust Brothers did alot of production on the tracks and they rocked mad samples. Every beat is crazy. This is my favorite track of this album. Just got that funk too it.

6. Thats A Wrap - Copywrite prod. J. Dilla
Now this dude here is a mess. He got skills but he has been clowned so much recently, it was hard to put this song up here. Some cat from the Weatherman lumped him up a while ago, and he got his ass beaten again recently. Dude does have mad skills for a white cat. Also Dilla came through and blessed this nerd with some heat. The beat is weird but its dope. Copy does flex his skills here though. Cant deny that.

7. Stargazer - Visionaries
This is a dope indie group outta cali that has been on the indie scene for a while. There is a bunch of cats in the group like LMNO, and 2mex and they rock with the beat junkies all the time. They are a cali indie staple. Beat is tight. They throw that "Cheeba Cheeba" sample in there and they spit about the ladies. Its that nerd rap steez but shit is cool. I can dig it.

8. Rock Stars - Non Phixion
Now this a dope track. Non Phixion is a group of rugged cats from the BK, that just kill tracks. They live out in the projects and spit that thug shit, but can back it up. Ive been a fan of these cats for mad long. Primo laces the beat here and gives it that funk. Also he laces the hook with his cuts as usual. This was on there last album before they went out and did all there mediocre solo albums.

And that's the white cats IM feeling. I know I missed a lot of dudes but I dont give a fuck. Enjoy.

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Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Danger Doom and Local Talent

What up. Tonight I let one of my boys do a guest post. He is an emcee and producer named Dstruction and he did a album review of Danger Doom. Son can make some dope beats and he is pretty ill on the mic. He plays out in MA so look for him if your out that way. Check his website out to hear some music and info on him. Also there is two indie cats that I would like to feature. They arent signed but they got some smooth sounding shit. I think its important to check out indie and local talent casue they need the exposure. These cats have real skills and are developing there own signature sounds. They are now paying there dues, playing at bars and smaller venues to get heard. Im in the postion to feature music that I'm feeling to a large audience, so Im happy to support good independent music. Hopefully in the future they will be making real moves and get the attention they rightfully deserve. There is a lot of filler out there today with bullshit ass cats rhyming and making fruity loops beats that suck, so it is hard to hear some real talent when it comes around. Without further ado here is D's Danger Mouse review.


Whats up yall? DStruct here from Bi-Polar Inc. This is my first post as a writer at this blog, and i hope yall dig this. Today, im gonna review the new album from MFDOOM and Dangermouse entitled, "Danger Doom" (creative title huh). I was excited when i first heard about this project.
First of all, I gotta say Im a big fan of MFDOOM, but in not the biggest Dangermouse fan. Regardless, i do like this album, i dont love it, but its good enough to play in my whip on a nice day, and im a picky nigga with that shit. Thes beats bang pretty good in the car, but lets break this muh fucker down track by track. First let me spark up......... (DStruct sparks fat blunt of greenery)

Bizzy Box
Bada Bing

Track 1 "El Chupa Nibre"
First i gotta say that this whole album seems like an Adult Swim commercial. I bet this would be real hot if i was a fan of those cartoons, but im not therefore the cartoon skits are kind of corny for me. Besides the aqua teen intro and outtro, this beat is alright from the nigga dangermouse. As a producer who fucks with vinyl, I can appreciate the lack of synths and all that bullshit (although the right dude can freak them keys). Doom is on his normal bugged out steez here. I mean you can always find new punchlines in his verses the more you listen to him. Hes a deep dude. This track is a neck jerker.

Track 2 "Sofa King"
Damn I like this beat here. Doom rides it perfectly and Danger did a good job chopping the samples up and shit. The Sofa King joke is funny the first couple times, but after that, its a tad cornball. Nice track though

Track 3 "The Mask"
Nice intro, I love that crackle of the vinyl thats up in the mix. These horns are dope but it seems like this beat couldve been more in your face. Especially since that dude Ghostface Killa comes outta nowhere with a sick ass verse. This is cool.

Track 4 "Perfect Hair"
Damn this beat is the truth. Dangermouse is a beats when it comes to finding the perfect sample. Hes blessing the listener with some real dope drums also. Dooms bringing it as usual, but who the fuck mentions Jeanine Garafalo in a hip hop verse? haha, i feel kind of nerdish for even knowing who the bitch is.

Track 5 "Bizzy Box"
Wow, this is my favorite track on the album (today). Its got a simple ass beat, but i almost broke my neck a few times banging this. Cee-Lo on the hook is no joke. I wish doom hit us with a 3rd verse on this beat, because i dont want it to end! When I do my DJ thing, Ive turned a few heads onto Doom with this track. Hot shit.

Track 6 "Old School"
I like Talib Kweli alot, but this track is rather mediocre. Im not feeling it. The samples dope and all, but the hook is horrible and Talib seem like hes not into it at all. Doom does his thing but this track always gets skipped over when i play this cd.

Track 7 "ATHF"
Great another skit haha, but this beat is crazy, when it finally drops. Like i said earlier, i dont watch adult swim aqua teen hunger force, but i can hear the references to the show in the verses. Im feeling how hes incorporating all the characters into the rhymes. This is probably real dope for hardcore fans of the show. "Sock your mean younger boss/ *smack*/ adult swim aqua teen hunger force!"

Track 8 "Basket Case"
Cant say much about Doom on this album. Hes not at his absolute best, but hes very consistant with his shit on this album. Danger did his thing with this beat, but hes reminding me of madlib with all the skits between verses. All I gotta say is "Just since some people wear a mask dont mean they did nothing automatically"

Track 9 "No Names"
Damn I sampled that same bassline but i cant remember where I got it. I gotta organize my shit better. This track is a neckbreaker and DOOM is riding it with perfection. I like this one. "Eastsiiiide"

Track 10 "Crosshairs"
Wow, Im really loving the live band feel to this one. The strings really set this track off. Man, Dooms lyrics get me excited as an emcee, that i could possible make it without trying to sound like the radio. Regardless, this track gets multiple spins in the Millenia.

Track 11 "Mince Meat"
Doom is really coming through on the mic. I mean, the nikka said "Sucks to be them, Ill pass that loot/ up under the tux he wore a HAZMAT suit". That lines gonna stick with me for a while. Dudes on some shit, yall young bucks need to take notes. I love the vibe i get from this track.

Track 12 "Vats of Urine"
Personally, I dont like this one. Dangermouse, just do you man, this sounds like madlib so much haha. These little skits are pissing me off. Doom, you shouldve passed on this one.

Track 13 "space ho's"
This is cool right here. Im feeling the change ups in the track and Doom is coming with the same thought provoking style that got me into him in the first place. Wow, I cant believe he mentions Charro in this track, thats crazy, but it works haha. (DStruct puts blunt roach in bong, and skips over the cartoon outtro)

Track 14 "bada bing"
Wow, this beat comes in so crazy. I think this might be my second favorite track on the album. These samples make me feel good and doom is doing them justice on the mic. As a matter of fact this track got me inspired to go boot up my mpc and make a beat, then write some off the wall shit to it. So with that, im signing off


Haze: Aight if you were feeling that review please let dude know in the comments.

Next order of business is this cat Vakseen. He is an emcee and producer and just dropped a CD. This cat comes with some different shit. His music has a real unique sound and the emceeing is mad different then a lot of the shit that is out right now.
His group is The Shaw Shanks and the cd is titled "VAKSEEN Productions Presents: The Shaw Shanks in WORDPLAY" and it dropped 8-9-05. Here is a little press release he sent me.

For booking information, photos, audio samples and to cop the debut album “WORDPLAY” visit or contact Otha Davis III of VAKSEEN Productions at (904) 881-1657. Check these mp3's out.

Album Sampler

Get Hi
What A Crock

The next dude I want to feature is this cat called D. James. He is bringing the heat out of
Indianapolis. He is also a producer and a emcee. Dude got some pretty dope songs and he rhymes bout deeper shit. His beats are tight also. On his myspace and his soundclick page you can hear more of his music. This track here is real tight.

Night Life produced by Vakseen

If you are interested in purchasing his CD get at dude at

Andre "D. James" King
3rd Eyelevel Prod.
9457 Timberview Dr.
Indianapolis, IN 46250
317.414.1911 to order CDs

So support local and independent artists. They need all the help they can get. All these dudes play out in MA, FL, or IN, so please check them out if you live nearby. Keep an eye out on these dudes cause they are making good music and get my support. Peace.

Oh and real quick please help out the victims of hurricane Katrina. Shit is getting real bad down there so please donate to a respectable charity. A few cats are doing there part with some auctions. The first one is an ebay auction for a dope lil synth that all the proceeds will be givin to the Red Cross. Thats a real cool thing that dude is doing so check that out. Also the cats over at Soul Strut are running a "Let A Heatrock Loose" sale to raise money for the cause. They are selling there records as a fundraiser to support the victims. A real noble thing of them to do. Here is some details:


Raj has kindly allowed the use of the main page (Crate Digging Revealed) for the purpose of auctions/set sails where the proceeds will go to the Soulstrut Katrina Relief Fund (coordinated by all of us).

“Let a heatrock loose©.” Pick a record from your collection for sacrifice. The idea should be to pick something that will hurt you not to have. That’s what sacrifice is about. That pain you’ll feel is called empathy, compassion, camaraderie. Because every time you think of that particular record, and you feel the pang of its absence, you can think of all the victims of Katrina who lost their entire record collection, their pets, their homes, their loved ones, their lives, and you can count yourself among those who were part of the solution. Providing momentary relief to their struggle.

“Let a heatrock loose©.”

So please donate and help out. Shit is real fucked up right now and its getting worse.

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Thursday, September 01, 2005


And buy some fine gear from me off ebay. Shazam. Im trying to get a laptop to run in the studio due to Serato Scratch and Reason 3.0 with my MPC 2000xl. All gear is in damn good condition and most of it comes with a lot of extras. Check the auctions.

Emu Esi Sampler. 128 mbs ram, adaptec scsi card, zip dr

Boss dr. sample Sp 303. 2 64 mb smart cards, cd reader

Korg MS2000r synth. Excellent conditio. Patch Librarian

Yamaha A5000 Sampler, Internal HD, scsi zi p drive 100m

AKAI DPS 12, Effects card installed, CDRW Drive, In HD

And here is some funky ass music for the night. Its kind of late and I got work early so imma be quick.

1. Aint No Body Better Then You - Bobbie Knight and The Universal Lady
Man this is a real funky joint. Real catchy horns and bassline. Shit is dope. The lyrics have been stuck in my head for the last god damn week. Real nice swtich ups and shit just grooves out. Not really much info on the group so sorry I cant really give much of a bio.

2. Expo '83 - Backyard Heavies
Man this is a mean ass break. This is a classic funk jam, with a real sick open break in it. The drums just are super funky and those keys are real dope. Its a real dope instrumental and Pete Rock has used it before on an intro. This is a pretty rare groove so look out for the 45, which has Soul Junction on the A-Side.

3. Funky Washing Machine - World Wonders
This is a hot cut also. Real sick horns and a real solid drum beat. Also some funky ass guitars laid on top of it. Its an instrumental and just really jams out. Kenny Dope threw it on one of his comps for BBE so scoop it up.

And with that I gotta goto bed. Please buy some gear though. If I get a laptop, that means more and better posts coming out this bitch. So do us all a favor and get a sampler off me. Peace.

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