Tuesday, May 31, 2005


Man, you ever have one of those weeks when shit is just fucked up? I've been working my ass off for the last two weeks at the day job and in the studio, and on top of that shit the motherfucking cops are harrasing me. It all started a week ago when these pricks decided to pull me over for my registration and inspection being expired. The reg was expired on 1/20/04, but fuck them. Anyways, I catch 2 citations for that nonsense. Then all of a sudden every fucking cop has a hard on for me. I got pulled over twice after this. Now I aint been pulled over in a good year or two, so for this bullshit to happen in the last week is on some other shit. Now I gotta pay these cocks a grip of loot. But whatever. The shit that really pisses me off is that today when I go to work I hear that Johnny Law been looking for me. Now it happens on Fri night I was leaving work and I drilled this retards car behind me. I wasn’t really paying attention cause I was out of it from working nine hours, but this chick came flying up on my ass when I was leaving, and she got what she was looking for. I hop out the van and go look at it with her and she just has this fucking look on her face like OOOOHHHHH LAWWWD THE WORLD IS GOING TO FUCKING END!!!!!!!!!, while her clown ass man just sat in the car looking stupid. And to make it worse there was a bunch of punk ass kids all sitting around in the parking lot going "OHHH SHIT HE JUST FUCKED HER CAR UP!!!!!!! OHHHH SHIT!!!!" Making my life more unpleasant then it already was. Upon further inspection I concur that there is no damage to either vehicles and I say, "Well what do you want to do? Should I call the police?" This moron just looks at me and says no. At least I think she does. I was trying to get my ass home to drink the 40's that I just bought. So I was like "Aight then, PEACE!", and got my ass in my van and drove home. She wasn't to amused with this, apparently, so she decided to go into my job and talk MADDD shit bout me, calling me an asshole and a bunch of other choice comments. My bosses are pretty cool though and they defended me and told her to relax. And they knew the officer that came in so they just ended it right there. Thank god, cause if a pig decides to pull me over, I get the privilege of being arrested for this warrant bullshit that they issued and that I decided not to pay till Im good and ready, god damnit.. Fuck that ten day deadline shit. I'll get you your money on my time. If my landlord and the cable company get it like that, what makes these pricks any different in my eyes? So on that note I have to say, fuck the police cause they suck and they make my life hard. God damnit. Well enough ranting and lets get on to the hate mixtape I prepared for you fuckers. Oh and hit The Low End Theory Forums for free music and all that jazz. Shit has been bumping lately. Mad mp3s and other shit. Sign up to get into the mp3 section.


Fuck the Police - NWA
The classic cop hate song. This song has every member of NWA venting on the cops. This song stirred up mad controversy back in the day. They just are expressing the way young black males get fucked with by these pricks and the harassment that 5-0 gives people. Some classic shit.

Deep Cover - Snoop Dogg and Dr. Dre
This is my jam. "YEAHHHH AND YOU DONT STOP!!!!!! 187 ON AN UNDERCOVER COP!" This song is about some entrapment shit that an undercover trying to bust Dre and Snoop doing a drug deal. Snoop and Dre gonna meet up with some corrupt cops that are trying to get them to work for them. So Snoop blasts them. This was off the soundtrack to a movie by the same name. The movie is pretty dope and this song really got cats amped when it came out.

Sound Of The Police - KRS ONE
Black Cop - KRS ONE
Two songs by the Blastmaster. You get the idea. Black cop has that dope beat and the cuts on the hook. It's all bout black cops messing with black dudes and black on black crime. Shit is tight. Sound of The Po Po is KRS' venting on the cops in his hood and the way they fuck with cats.

Cop Killer - Ice T
This song caused all kinds of problems when it got released. Ice T got martyred for this shit. His album was pulled and he had cats like Charleton Heston cracking down on him. This shit pissed MAD people off. Got Warner to even drop Ice T. This group was Ice T's all black heavy metal band, Body Count. It was supposed to be an expression of cats feelings towards the 5-0 but they were not feeling that at all. So that makes it ten times cooler.

Pigs - Cypress Hill
This is the hot shit. The beat is rugged as fuck. Muggs kills this shit. I like the theme of the song cause it breaks it down lil piggy style and details the stories of various pigs throughout the city and the corruption. Shit is dope.

Fuck the Police! - Jay Dee
This is a dope Jay Dilla production. Jay Dee spits on how the cops fuck with everyone, how much he hates them, and how they are corrupt and how they fuck with cats. Basically follows suit with the rest of these songs I’m posting.

Cop Hell - Mobb Deep
This is an earlier Mobb joint. This song is bout getting them fuckers. Hav and P talk bout getting harassed by 5-0 and shooting at them and whooping there asses with nightsticks and shit. Basically, it's on the killer tip and they gonna send these cops to Cop Hell, cause they're hardcore and all that ish.

Ghetto Bird - Ice Cube
This song is all bout the helicopter in the hood chasing cats down. It details Ice Cube driving around and having one of these things chasing him and fucking with him. Dope west coast steez.

Low Class Conspircsy - Lord Qaus
Now the indie take on 5-0. This song starts out with Quas and Madlib driving to a party smoking trees and some Narcs roll up and harass them and search the whip and all that jazz. The beat is crazy chill. Some nice jazzy shit that rides with the theme.

Cop Hell - Nighthawks
This is the only good song of this ill fated concept album put together by Camu Tau and Cage. It's supposed to be like that movie with Billy D and that white dude, called Nighthawks. The song is bout some corrupt ass cops running around causing hell and doing shady shit. Dope beat but the album sucks cock. This is really the only shit I can bump off it.

I Shot The Sheriff - Bob Marley
This is the bonus cut of the night. This is the classic cop killing song. Bob pops the sheriff and has to deal with the repercussions. I like this version more then the Clapton song. Some ragga steelo.

And that’s that. I’m not serious bout hating or killing the cops and shit, so I don’t want to see no hate mail and all that or my ass on some list somewhere. This is just for entertainment value and we here at the Low End Theory don’t advocate anything that I just said and expressed in this posting. Cops have their purpose, but they get on my nerves sometimes. So don’t take all this serious, just some good ol' cop hating fun. And if you do take offense to this, your panties are to tight and get a fucking life! Peace and hit up the forums.

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Wednesday, May 25, 2005

NYC Record Stores

Fatbeats NYC
Whats good? Sorry I haven’t been on for a few, my Internet got shut off cause I’m a scumbag who doesn’t like to pay my bills. Anyways, tonight’s post is going to be on my favorite city and the record stores in it. I try to hit NYC at least once a month where I proceed to spend $300 to $400 on some of the illist records around. I’m out in the lameness of PA, so quality record shops are lacking. Me and my boy Dan try to hit up 3 places every time we roll out there. Fatbeats, The Sound Libary, and Turntable Lab. These three usually bankrupt me by the time I make my rounds. I will break down them one by one, and a few more shops in the area to check out when you hit the city. Oh and I went out and bought a drumset. Shit is real tight. If anyone has any good links or advice, PLEASE FEEL FREE TO EMAIL ME. It would be appreciated. I’m a straight up retard on them. Aint nothing like my MPC. Not a good look. Oh and hit up the forums for some free music. You have to be a member to join the mp3 section. Now on to the stores.

Fatbeats is one of the finest hip hop record stores in NYC. If you need some indie and the current hot shit that is on the radio, this is your first stop. They have all the banging indie singles and LPs you need. On the one wall right across from the wall is all the current indie and commercial shit. There is bins in the middle with indie shit throughout the years. Real nice selection. In front of the turntables there is mad sampleable shit like the Dusty Fingers Comps and funk and jazz re-issues. Now on the wall to the left of the turntables is the scratch records and the old school records. The problem with this wall is that the fucking sun hits them and bakes them bitches so you bring home mad warped records. Not too cool. Other then that though the selection is dope. Up at the counter you have all the dope videos and books on hip hop, graff, and all other shit like that. If you spin hip hop this is the place to check out while your in NYC. Also you will see artists in there all the time. I've ran into Breezy Brewin from the Juggaknots, J-Zone, DJ Rhettmatics, and DJ Eclipse from Non-Phixion, who actually is the manager.

The Sound Library
I think this place is my favorite record store in NYC. I make beats and this place gets my nipples hard. When you walk in there is bins of the illist jazz, funk, and rare grooves just laid out. Everything in there is heat. They are a little pricey, but worth it. It's like they weed through all the bullshit at a place you would normally dig at, and just leave you with the fire. Real dope. They also have a real nice hip hop collection with OG pressings of real rare albums and singles. The last time I was in there they had an OG Souls Of Mischeif 93 till ... for $60. Pricy but worth it if you have the dough. The have like 2 listening stations and the cats that work there are pretty knowledgeable and helpful. They have a few bins labeled, BEATS: which has all records with dope drum breaks, SOUNDLIBRARIES: records that have certain sounds on them, REISSUES: you get it, and more. If you sample records you have to hit this place up. Just make sure to bring some loot.

Turntable Lab
Another gem located out in the Lower East Side. Its a small place with a few bins and a little DJ station, but don’t let that fool you. This place has mad indie joints, all the current radio joints, mad 90's records, lots of scratch records, downtempo and electronic joints, and they are a full gear dealership. I bought 2 mixers from there. There prices are fair and the selection is dope. They are a well rounded DJ store. Also they give out a lot of promo shit with records. Like there is always a deal like "buy this record and get a limited edition 45 or free cd." Gotta love that shit. They also have mad magazines, and books. The gear selection is dope. You can buy turntables, needles, to MPC's up in that bitch. The prices are on par with everyone else for the gear. The staff is cool and real helpful also. Check them out if you hit the city.

Beat Street
This place is out in the heart of Brooklyn. I haven’t been there in a little while but this place is fucking huge. You walk downstairs and there is seriously like a football field of records up in there. They have the biggest stock of records I’ve seen out in the city. As you first walk through it there is all the commercial thug shit on the right and all the UB&B series of records on the left. A whole wall of scratch records also. As you go further there is a special room dedicated to dancehall and reggae. Then you walk around the corner and there is a whole store in itself with indie joints. Shit is crazy. The first time I went in there I was gassed by how big this place was. You seriously can find everything in there. They got the hip hop on lock. The prices are crazy cheap also. Like singles for under $4. Not really a place to look for samples but if you DJ, this the joint.

Rock and Soul
I have never been to this place but I hear they got good stock and gear. I cant really elaborate though.

That’s all the places that I hit up when I hit the city. They usually put me in crazy debt, but leave me real fucking happy. You just can't find wax like that anywhere else. If your looking for quality though you must make a trip to the Mecca of Hippity Hop. There is also mad lil record stores that you stumble upon while venturing around the village, and the LES. Just keep your eyes open. I went to this one place the one time called 8 Ball Records and they had mad house and DnB, I think. Limited hip hop, but quality shit. Got Super Duck Breaks up in there.

Online Record Stores
Since I’m on the topic of record stores, I'll let you know 'bout a few where I get my e-digging on.

Dusty Groove
I’ve spent many a paycheck up in this bitch. They are based out in Chicago and have great shit to sample. If you are looking for nice rare records, and re-issues of dope shit, this the place to fuck with. Their prices ain't to bad either. Their jazz selection is real nice and they got mad funk joints. You can also buy hip hop up in there also. What I like about this place is that on a lot of the records listed they show the covers. I’m not a hard core digger and roll around with lists of shit that I need to get, so I base a lot of purchases on covers. I know some names of shit to look for and labels but a cover is what sells it for me. So that is a dope feature. The shipping is nice and fast, and I think they send shit overseas. Good place to fuck with if your in the boonies looking for shit to sample.

I’ve messed with these cats once and they got a good selection of hip hop. Mad indie joints. They also give out mad promo cds and vinyl on most purchases and they always have the newest joints in stock. A good place to get your underground joints. I like this place cause they have snippets of the wax for you to peep. That’s a good tool on deciding on what to cop.

Sandbox Automatic
This place is the bare bones approach, but they got the selection. They are real good on customer service and thorough in promos and shit also. They have a lot of stock also. One of the best hip hop record stores online.

Turntable Lab
Now I talked about the retail store, but there online shop is just as banging. They have all the shit they have in the retail store on here, and show covers and play snippets of the records. I love shopping at this joint online. If you can't make it out to NYC definitely hit this shit up.

Music for you fuckers
Aight got to throw up some heaters so check it:

1. Devil's Pie - D'Angelo
A dope Primo production with D'Angleo crooning over the track. Shit is heat. This cut was off the Belly soundtrack and got alot of play in the whip when I was younger. The beat is sick and D'Angleo talks 'bout the evils of man. WORD.

2. I'm a Villain - Nas
This was a Nas bootleg that came out a while ago. Shit is pretty dope. I like the laid back vibe of the beat and his lyrics. That bassline is fire.

3. Impuls - Sextant
The jazz cut of the night. This song starts out all wierd and dramatic then breaks into some funky shit towards the middle. Some European rare grooves for you. I got this off a comp with a lot of other rare grooves from there and they all are pretty tight. I might throw some more up later on down the road. If your lucky....

And that's it. Enjoy bitches.

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Thursday, May 12, 2005

Ready Or Not: The Delfonics

Today I'm going to highlight a group that is known more for their sweet soul sounding music than for sampleable breaks and rhythms. This group is The Delfonics. The Delfonics are a trio made up of two brothers, William and Wilbert Hart, and friend Randy Cain. They were the group that started the "Philly Sound." When they first began as a group they mostly garnered small regional success within the Philadelphia area. The little attention they recieved was enough to get Thom Bell the owner of Philly Groove to sign them. They released their classic hit "La La means I love you" in 1968, which birthed their careers, became an undisputable classic, and introduced the world to the sounds of Philly.

The Philly sound was actually quite different from what was happening in soul music at the time. It was much more smooth, melodic, and the arrangements were more simple and sparse sounding. This made soul music a little more accessible to the mainstream. In fact, The Delfonics break out hit "La La Means I love you" became a hit for many more artists from different genres throughout the 70's. By The mid 70's the band's success began to die down. Randy Cain left the group and was replaced by Major Harris. With Harris in the group they had a few more minor hits, but Harris soon left to pursue a solo career. At that point the group was dismantled.

Today, you can still hear The Delfonics influence especially in Hip Hop. They have been sampled by Timbaland for Missy Elliot's music, as well as their lyrics being interpolated by Lauryn Hill on the Fugees classic softmore album The Score on the opening track "Ready Or Not." If you like good soul music that will make you feel good, and is suitable for everyone to listen to, pick up some Delfonics.

I've Included 3 Delfonics' MP3's that I'm currently feeling. Also join The Low End Theory Forums for more free shit and more contributions.

Ready Or Not Here I Come
Trying To Make A Fool Of Me
Going Out Of My Head

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Sho' Yo' Wright!

Today's post is going to highlight one of my favourite southern soul singers: O.V. Wright. O.V. was an exceptional soul singer. He was one of the very few that would really make you feel how he was feeling. His piercing voice let you know what it felt like to be a troubled man in pain and sorrow. He epitomized the blues in R&B. If you like artists like Curtis Mayfield, Marvin Gaye, and Al Green you will surely like the work of O.V. Wright.

O.V. began his career as a gospel singer. This is no surprise as many southern soul artists began their careers in the church. In the 1960's he began his journey into secular music lured by all the trappings and vices that it afforded. His first label was a small southern soul label called Black Beat. Since the label was so small, O.V.'s early recording were only played regionally on small R&B stations. In the 1970's he began his career at Hi Records. His records were produced by the legendary Willie Mitchell, and here O.V. also helped Al Green develop his sound. Producer Willie Mitchell knowing how talented and gifted O.V. was tried desperately to try and give him the same success that Al Green had. However, O.V. never did reach those heights. He did make some great music in his career. Upon listening to his works you will definitely hear a sound and style that is very much in sync with Al Green's music. But O.V.'s music is much more deeper, heartfelt, and searing at times. This is mostly due just to the nature of his singing voice alone.

You can hear O.V.'s influence on Hip Hop mostly through the art of sampling. His voice was sampled for Ghostface's track "Motherless Child" from the brilliant Ironman LP. His grooves and rhythms were also sampled as well. If you want to hear some REAL soul music, defintely pick up his albums if you see them. There is a few compilations that I have seen, and his earlier works on Black Beat have been re-issued as well.

I have included 3 MP3's of my favourite O.V. Wright Tracks below. If you haven't done so already join The Low End Theory Forums for more free stuff and great contributions.

Into Something (Can't Shake Loose)
Let's Straighten It Out
I Don't Know Why

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Today I decided to write about a legendary and mysterious album and group: The Skull Snaps. The reason why this group is so legenday is because they have provided Hip Hop with one of it's hardest and most loved drum breaks. It's the drum break that starts off The Snap's "It's A New Day." What is also so interesting about this group is that they only released the one album, no one has heard of them since, and no one even knows the names of the musicians involved. It's a shame really, because their work is really tight.

After listening to this album I was fairly surprised. Most of the tracks are pretty much your standard soul music with a dash of funk sprinkled on top. If you like straight up soul music you will enjoy this. If you are simply digging for beats, well you will find a few treats on here as well, but be warned The Skull Snaps ain't no Kool & The Gang, the arrangements and such are relatively simple, but still effective.

If you find this album I do suggest picking it up. It is relatively rare. However, it's been raped for samples. No Lie! A quick search on The-Breaks.com will show many entries of songs that have sampled The Snaps. The only one that really took me by surprise was Alanis Morissette sampling them for her song called "Still." I gotta check that joint out just because that's so outta left field. As far as Hip Hop artists that have sampled The Snaps it ranges from anyone from Public Enemy, Diamond D, Ultramagnetic MC's, The Alkaholiks, Redman, Blackmoom, and the list goes on, and grows larger every year.

I have some MP3's by The Skull Snaps below. I have included the joints with their oft sampled breaks as well as something that shows their diversity. Don't forget to join The Low End Theory Forums if you haven't done so. There is a lot of free shit, and a lot of great contributions.

It's A New Day
I'm Your Pimp

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Monday, May 09, 2005

Gimmie The Loot! The Robbery Track

Todays post is going to be on robberies. This has always been a subject that has been covered in rap songs, from doing the robbery to getting robbed. Artists have expressed different angles of getting jacked or plotting to jack someone for years. I have about 7 songs that go through different scenarios of a heist. Also please hit up the forums. Members have been posting up some real good music lately. You have to be a member to view the mp3 forum.

1. Ski Mask Way - 50 Cent
I’m not really a big 50 fan anymore. His first single How to Rob, was some classic shit, but lately I feel a lot of his tracks are watered down and not really the quality they used to be. Especially on his newest album the Massacre. This track though was the stand on one in my opinion. Disco D, a Detroit "ghetto tech" producer, did this beat. Shit is real hot. This track basically is 50 talking bout jacking you the "ski mask way". Which means that he just gonna kick in your door and take your watch and your chains and shit. And hog tie your mom's. Its just funny to have Disco D doing the track, cause he a little white dude who looks like he doing shit the "nerd-hop way".

2. Gimmie The Loot - Biggie
This track is a classic robbery track. It is straight up about Biggies passion for robbing cats. Biggies does two voices on this track, a high pitched version of Biggie that is supposed to be Bigs partner in the caper, and his bad assed self. The chorus is one of the ruggedest hooks in the last ten years. Also the beat is laced proper. I always wondered though why the fuck the word "pregnant" was edited out that track, considering the rest of the track was obscene as fuck. Puff Daddy and his pussy ass like "Well we can keep all the hard-core killing and stick up lyrics, but this preggers shit gotta go. That’s crossing the line."

3. Robbery - Necro
Here is the hard-core white dude take on robbery. This beat was originally used by DJ Serious ft D-sisive on a track called - Popped which had pretty weak lyrics but an ill beat. Necro does his whole shock rap shit and spits all about him jacking cats with that crazy ass flow of his. I hate bootleg demos though cause on the hook the DJ or whoever recorded this shit has a problem with his levels and cuts the volume of the track out for a few sec’s. Hooptie shit.

4. Our Secret - Souls Of Mischief
Now here is the indie take on robbery. These dudes dont really seem that threatening when they robbing. I can see these dudes like robbing there school at night, or some other non- threatening B & E. I just cant picture these cats rolling up on someone and robbing them point blank. The beat is real tight though. Got the classic break rocking and the funky loop going through it and the dope horns on the hook.

5. The Heist Revisited - Big L
Now here’s a track about plotting and following through on a stick up. L leaves the studio and catches a call from his boy, talking bout his wife and some cats just got a room at the Holiday Inn. L rolls up in there with his crew and kills these cats and his girl and winds up getting mad herb, yayo, and bout 2 million in cash. See that’s why you don’t cheat on your man ladies. Big L didn’t fuck around. I like this beat better then the OG version. Got more of the funky pimp shit going on. Good robbery music.

6. Intruder Alert - Sauce Money
Here’s another track about conspiring. Sauce gets woken up by his boy and dude laid down the scheme that these other cats had about jacking Sauce. Sauce like fuck that shit, imma go to his crib, rob his ass, and pop him in the head before he gets at me. This is a Primo production and shit bumps like usual. I like the cuts that Primo uses on the melody.

7. Great Live Caper - J. Rawls feat. J-Live
Now this track is all about getting robbed. J-Live comes home from the gym, and notices that his place has been broken into and that they stole nothing else but his rhyme book. J-Live expresses the feelings and anxiety of getting robbed real well in this track. He then gets his "homing" device and hunts these cats down and winds up blowing up the plane they are escaping on with his rhyme book. Hahaha. I’m not making this shit up. A pretty decent J. Rawls beat with some cuts and choir voices on the hook.

And that is it. Its a jack move fool. And one more time please check out the forums to get some free shit. Peace.


Dope Primo interview

Bobbito A.K.A Cucumber Slice Interview

We All Was Kings Tralier. A real ill looking independent film on hip hop.

MF Grim interview (thanks to Andreas for the link)

Here you go. Buy your Ipod from a vending machine. Right next to the one with condems and Milky Ways.

DJ Spooky talks about remixing

Whats your Wu-Alisas? My govt comes up as "Vulgar Bastard". (thanks to Tanamo for the link)

Madlib Interview in Elemental

and thats it. Check the forums out for free shit.

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Friday, May 06, 2005

Not The Fifty Your Thinkin' 'Bout!

Today I'm doing a post on a slept on M.C. who has worked with some of Hip Hop's biggest heavyweights. Buc Fifty is an M.C. that has been on the grind for years. He was born in New Rochelle, New York where he starting rapping at the age of 12. By the time he was 16 he moved to Los Angeles and decided to try and make a name for himself there. He became part of a crew called The Wascalz and made his debut on an Eazy-E EP "5150: Home For Tha Sick," and followed that up later with an appearance on The Pharcyde's classic debut album Bizarre Ride II The Pharcyde. At that time he was known as "Bucwhead," and rapped with a high pitched voice.

His crew, The Wascalz, released a few 12 inch singles on Delicious Vinyl. An album was to follow but it was never released. Later on Buc was working on an album with Fat Lip from The Pharcyde, but reportedly Fat Lip no longer wanted to work with him because of his violent nature. Shortly thereafter Buc hooked up with a then unknown producer by the name of The Alchemist and began working on music. They released a few singles on DJ Muggs Soul Assassins label, and then for Vancouver Canada based label Battle Axe. Buc Fifty was supposed to release an album entitled "Nigga Heaven" which was to be produced almost entirely by Alchemist, but it was never released. Buc Fifty did however release an album a few years later called "Bad Man" which unfortunately had no material produced by The Alchemist but it was still a decent release. Buc has recently released a new album entitled "Serve The Devil, Praise The Lord." Which is produced by J-Swift, Ralph M from Funkdoobiest, Nucleus, and DJ Revolution.

Buc Fifty's subject matter for the most part is street, gully, and gangster. He has quite the opposite image of many of the artists he collaborates and works with. His beats are hard and have an underground appeal to them, but the lyrics are more along the lines of any pop "gangster" record out there. In other words, Buc Fifty strikes a nice balance between "Nerd-Hop" and Hip Hop's more thugged out styles.

I am including only the MP3's of the Buc Fifty tracks that were produced by the one and only Alchemist, as these are fairly scarce. I apologize for the sound quality of the files. Also, if you haven't yet joined The Low End Theory Forums please do so. It is constantly being updated with MP3's from DJ Haze, the forum members, and I. Peace!

Still Breathin'
Worst Enemy
Buc Buc Buc
Permanent Scars
Scandalous feat. Tha Liks
Bad Man
Comin' With Me
Killer Technology
Metal's Advocate
Jacking For Fan's

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Monday, May 02, 2005

Hey Ladies: The Chick Song

Almost every rapper puts an ode to the opposite sex on there albums. Whether it be a dedication or a hate track, they usually deal with the subject of relationships in at least one of there cuts. Today imma showcase a few tracks that use women as the theme and go through the various stages of relationships and just straight up songs bout fucking. Also please hit up the forums, we got a lot of dope shit in there this week thanks to the contributing forum members. You have to join to gain access to the music section.

Can I Get With You?
These songs are about meeting women and kicking a little game.

Be My Girl ft. Solomen Child - Theodore Unit
This track is Solomen meeting a women and expressing how much he wants to be with her. Its on that thug love tip. This track is off the Theodore Unit mixtape 718 that Ghostface released last year. The beat is tight and Solomen kicks that shit proper.

Could You Be? - Vast Aire
This track is a more indie take on meeting a women and kicking some game. Vast spits about meeting his women of his dreams and talks about how she could be the one for him. This track is off of Vast's solo album, Look Ma No Hands, and was produced by Madlib. This is one of the best tracks on that album. The beat is on some slick shit. A nice key riff and a dope breakbeat for Vast to rock on. A little singing on the hook ties it up.

Passin Me By - Pharcyde
Now this track is more about getting rejected while trying to get with some ladies. The members from Pharcyde each talk about different dilemmas while lusting for someone and getting turned down, or just "passing me by". The beat is rugged, taking a loop of Quincy Jones, Summer in The City. This is off there album, Bizarre Ride Pt. 2.

Always (Ninth Wonder Remix) - Kev Brown

This joint is by Kev Brown, a dope upcoming producer with some sick beats. Its all about a producers take on ladies and lusting for women. He talks about being mad lonely cause he always in the lab and never gets out but always has women on his mind. Its a frustrating gig to make beats on the serious tip. The og track is aight, but this remix is banging. Ninth killed it with this one.

I Dont Know - Slum Village
This track her is all about fucking with the chick that you know deep down that you shouldn’t be fucking with. The one that is gonna fuck you up in the long run, but you still "don't know why your fucking with her". The beat is mad tight, a smooth Dilla Production, with some James Brown wordplay going on. One of my favorite tracks off of Fantastic Vol. 2.

Sex Type Thing
These songs are about getting freaky with chicks.

She Swallowed It - N.W.A.
This is the classic track about some freak nasty shit. This track is on some crazy shit. MC Ren goes through how he gets on some wild shit with chicks. The chorus is mad funny with Eazy E's telling his lady, "Dont Matta Just Dont Bite It". A classic track.

One More Chance - Biggie
This one is one of my favorite Biggie tracks. The cut is all about sexing. Biggie gets on some real shit talking bout the ladies and how he gets down. I dunno how a big ugly muthafucka like B.I.G. got so much puss, but he apparently "got that good dick, girl u didnt know". The beat is laced proper and the intro is some funny shit.

Strawberry - Ghostface
This cuts about Pretty Tone getting nasty with bitches, with him describing it in full detail. The beat is crazy tight, and when the beat breaks and Rza interrupts Ghostface getting some knowledge had me cracking up. This one is off Bulletproof Wallets.

Electric Relaxation - ATCQ
This is a smooth track outta Tribes Camp about sexing up honeys. Q-tip and Phife spit about lusting for chicks and boning them. One of the dopest tracks from Tribe in my opinion. The beat has that real chill vibe and the bassline is sick. I think that’s a Ron Carter sample on the bass but I’m not sure.

Clinic - Big L

Now this is the track about the negative side of hitting skins. This whole track is about how Big L got burnt and him regretting putting a helmet on his soldier. A ill PSA from Lamont Coleman. The beat is traditional DITC flavor and the little key loop in the chorus is dope.

These tracks are about cats expressing some deep shit about there ladies.

This One - Diamond D
This track is real dope. This song is Diamond D talking about how much he loves his girl and what she means to him. Some deep shit from the Best Producer On The Mic. The chorus has Busta Rhymes spitting a loop about "This one right muthafucking here". The beat is on some real reflective shit and compliments the whole vibe of the track. I’m loving the keys. This is off of Diamonds, Hatreds Passions and Infidelity.

Queen - Chief Kamachi
This joint is by a somewhat unknown cat from Philly, by the name of Chief Kamachi. He basically talks about how much he loves his "Nubian Queen" and him describing his love for her. The beat is rugged as fuck and the hook is tight. One of my favorite tracks off his album Cult Status.

Breaking Up
These tracks are about getting your heart broken and shit on by a chick.

Just A Friend - Biz Mark
This is Biz's track about him kicking game and having the chick tell him, that "hes just a friend". It winds up with Biz meeting his girl at her college and walking in while she getting busy with some cat. Aint that a trip?

Fancy Clown - Madvillan

This joint is about Vik Vaughn finding out that his girl has been fucking around on him and him confronting her on the phone. Its on some deep shit about him getting crushed by this and his hatred and anger about it. If you ever been caught up like this, Doom hits that shit right on the head. The beat is done up by Madlib and got a real soulful vibe going on.

Situation - Madlib (Lootpack)
This is another about heartbreak and getting used. This comes from the Beat Conductors point of view. Lib describes how heartbroken he is and how fucked up shit got when his girl cheated on him. The beat is real dope and fits the depressing vibe perfect.

Da Bitchiz' - Jeru
This joint isn’t really about breaking up, but about scheming chicks that out to use you and fuck you up. Jeru describes the difference between a bitch and a lady. This is all about the scheming hoes that are out for your papes and how they use the fuck out of you for material gains. The beat is done up by Primo and has that laid back jazzy horn loop running through it.

So there you have it. That is hip hop's take on the ladies. Enjoy these 18 tracks. And join up at the forums for more dope tracks. Peace.

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